Thursday, August 22, 2013

Is a Segway faster than the Ferny Grove Line?

Alderley - faster by Segway?
Previously, BrizCommuter compared the speed of using a Segway vs the Doomben Line. Given that the Doomben Line is Australia's most infrequent suburban rail line (by quite a margin), it was no surprise that the Segway won all 3 scenarios. Now BrizCommuter takes a look at using a Segway vs the Ferny Grove Line, which is the only branch line in SE Queensland to run a 15 minute off-peak frequency (weekday daytimes only). The average Segway speed has been assumed to be 11kph.

Evening Peak - depart Roma Street at 5pm, travelling to Alderley (5.5km)
Segway - arrive Alderley at 5:30pm (30 mins)
Train - arrive Alderley at 5:39pm (39 mins)
Segway wins by 9 minutes. This scenario shows that the peak service on the Ferny Grove Line is diabolical due to the continued failure to implement a decent peak timetable post $100m duplication. No wonder Samford and Enoggera Road are so congested with cars when it can take nearly 40 minutes to travel a straight line distance of less than 5km by train!

Late Night - depart South Brisbane at 10:30pm, travelling to Ferny Grove (14.3km)
Segway - arrive Ferny Grove at 11:48pm (1 hour 18 mins)
Train - arrive Ferny Grove at 12:02am (1 hour 32 mins)
Segway wins by 14 minutes. As shows at QPAC always seem to finish just after the 10:24pm train has departed, this is a realistic scenario. The unacceptable hourly late night frequency (Mon-Thu) results in a Segway being faster to travel the entire length of the Ferny Grove Line. This hour long gap between trains is also a big pain in the Christmas Party season, and can only encourage drink driving! 

Weekday Daytime Off-peak - depart Roma Street at 1:40pm, travelling to Alderley (5.5km)
Segway - arrive Alderley at 2:10pm (30 mins)
Train - arrive Alderley at 2:03pm (23 mins) 
Yay, for 15 minute off-peak train services. With all stations trains every 15 minutes, the Segway is beaten by 7 minutes.

The results confirm what BrizCommuter has been saying for some time, that frequencies need to be improved on the Ferny Grove Line (and other inner-suburban lines). For example, extend the 15 minute off-peak to weekends, run peak services at least every 10 minutes to all stations, and eliminate all hourly service gaps late at night and on Sunday morning. 

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