Wednesday, April 1, 2015

South East BoatWay for 2028 Brisbane Olympics

New CityCat for South East Boatway

Brizcommuter is proud to exclusively announce Brisbane City Council's "game changing" public transport infrastructure for the planned Brisbane 2028 Olympics - The South East BoatWay.

The South East BoatWay combines the success of the South East Busway with Brisbane's iconic CityCat. The South East BoatWay will parallel the congested Busway, and allow CityCat's to access the Olympic Stadium at the current QE2 Stadium in Nathan.

Artists Impression of the 25 Canal Locks
In order the cope with QE2 Stadium's height above sea level, a flight of 25 "high speed" canal locks will be built along the South East Boatway. It is expected that a CityCat will be able to navigate from the South Bank to QE2 Stadium in a speedy four hours. Due to locks, all CityCats will be upstream in the morning, and downstream in the evening. As the last Olympic event will finish at midnight, the last downstream CityCat service will be a designated "party boat" arriving at South Bank at 4am just in time for overpriced breakfasts in South Bank's restaurant district.

Due to the environmentally friendly nature of canals, this infrastructure will help Brisbane deliver the greenest Olympics yet.

Construction will start on April 1st 2016, and the South East Boatway will open on April 1st 2028, just in time for the 2028 Brisbane Olympics.

Brisbane's Lord Mayor is quoted as saying "Brisbane is a world leader in Busways, and now Brisbane will be a world leader in Boatways in time for the world leading 2028 Olympics".