Tuesday, November 11, 2014

BrizCommuter (almost) Exclusive - G20 Go Card

Whilst SE Queenslander's fork out their life savings to use public transport, lucky delegates of the G20 have been given go cards for free travel during the week (Monday 10th November to Monday 17th November). However, BrizCommuter doubts that most delegates would even consider using public transport is as they ride around in their chauffeur driven limousines between meetings, dinners, casinos, brothels, and in the case of Tony Abbott and Vladimir Putin - getting down on the dance floor of The Beat. Thus most if these free go cards will probably go to waste.

As BrizCommuter is more important in world politics than Obama, here is an exclusive look at BrizCommuter's G20 go card.

The go card comes in a nice pack with a "Top things to see and do in Brisbane" guide, and a bit of travel information (which should just say don't bother with public transport during the G20).

The "Top things to see and do in Brisbane" guide strangely mentions no commercial properties except for the Story Bridge Hotel, twice. Strange!

Here is one of the "limited edition" free travel G20 go card that will no doubt end up in the bins of 5 star hotels in large numbers.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

BrizCommuter Special - G20 transport fail

Yes, Brisbane is backwards! 
With the exception of hotel owners and anarchists wanting to smash up a McDonalds, very few people in Brisbane are looking forward to the G20 summit which runs from Friday 14th to Sunday 16th November. With road, railway, busway, and even airspace closures, transport will be chaotic at times around the G20.

So for protesters, or anyone stupid enough to go anywhere near the CBD over the long weekend, what perks do road users get during the G20 weekend:
  • 1000 free parking spaces in the CBD, in Brisbane City Council car parks
  • Free tolls on the Gateway Bridge, and Go Between Bridge
So what perks do public transport users get:
  • Absolutely nothing 
Yes, that is right, there will be no public transport discounts over the long weekend. This is despite a heavily disrupted bus network, and off-peak train service with diversions. In fact, during the Friday public holiday, peak fares will be in place, despite there only being an off-peak (at best) public transport service in Brisbane. Is this fraudulent? Interestingly G20 delegates will get free go cards, but the general public will have to pay full fare. For those trying to plan their journeys, TransLink's journey planner is pretty useless, and in many use cases lacks accurate information for the G20 long weekend. 

Once again, Brisbane's politicians show how backwards Brisbane is when it comes to sustainable transport options. 

TransLinks G20 information: