Monday, December 15, 2014

BrizCommuter Exclusive - QR's Santa Express leaves behind Santa!

QR's Santa Express 
BrizCommuter loves Christmas presents, but today QR gave kiddies a great big present of incompetence.

MrsCommuter, ToddlerCommuter, and BabyCommuter went for a ride on Queensland Rail's (QR) Santa Express to see Santa and his elves, and the decorated train. Things were going well, until the train made it's Ferny Grove Line turnback at Mitchelton. Santa left the train to allegedly eat a few mince pies during the timetabled 11 minute dwell time, whilst the driver changed ends for the 1:18pm departure. Santa's helpers made it back on the train, but unfortunately the driver closed the doors and departed at 1:15pm. One slight problem - Santa was not on board the train! Yes, QR's Santa Express left behind Santa!

Not surprisingly, Santa's helpers had a bit of a panic, and after a discussion with the guard left the train at Gaythorne. This left kiddies wanting to meet Santa, with just a decorated 3-car train, no Santa, and no Santa's helpers. In fact ,some families had only boarded the train at Mitchelton, and thus weren't able to meet Santa at all. Lets hope that TransLink and QR fully refund all who complain.

QR made an excuse on their Facebook page about a helper being ill, however Mrs Commuter is buying the excuse due to the surprise of the helpers on board the train and the early departure.
By the way, last year the Ferny Grove Line Santa Express was more than15 minutes late, and the year before that joyous fun of the Santa Express was ruined by TransLink Transit Officers doing an overzealous ticket inspection.