Friday, August 9, 2013

Faregocard - good idea, but flawed!

Password please!
It has recently come to BrizCommuter's attention that there is a new $6.99/year service called Faregocard, which alerts users if they have a $5 or $10 fixed fare. With the number of equipment failures, and unclaimed fixed fares, this initially seems like a great idea. The website is below:
Unfortunately, the service has a major flaw.

The registration requires the user the input their go card account number and password details. Only an idiot would give out their username and password to a third party, as the third party can then access that account carte blanche. It also happens to be clearly in breach of TransLink's terms and conditions. Naughty, naughty! Thus, BrizCommuter does not recommend using this service.

This idea does beg the question - should TransLink do this themselves? Given the huge amount of unclaimed go card fixed fares (and thus added income), it is not unreasonable to expect TransLink to be able to afford a text message service to the customers registered mobile phone number if they receive a fixed fare. TransLink not clearly informing customers of financial penalties made by their faulty equipment could even be argued as being fraud. It is not difficult to automate a SMS text message service, and this is something that is commonly performed for hospital appointment reminders for example.  However, as with anything from TransLink, don't hold your breath.


  1. I am surprised you have not done an article on promoting auto top up.

  2. Garvin - BrizCommuter hasn't been promoting auto top due to many issues, such as when it kept taking from accounts due to a computer glitch.

  3. That is a shame. I have never had an issue with auto top up and find it is very useful. I never run out of credit and so will never have to pay for a paper ticket :)

    The issue I have with auto top up is that no bonus credit, say 10% is provided to encourage use of the system.

  4. Many of these issues with Go Card just highlight the fact that it was badly thought out in the first place. Cubic must have bought the then Transport Minister a particularly long and expensive lunch prior to pitching their idea.


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