Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Super Saturday, Not So Super Train Service

Not so super! Source: meme centre
TransLink have announced Easter Saturday (31st March 2018) as being "Super Saturday" in Brisbane and SE Queensland. These events include:
  • Queen's Baton Relay
  • Festival 2018
  • Brisbane Roar vs Central Coast Mariners
  • Brisbane Lions vs Melbourne Demons
  • GC2018 Open Ceremony Dress Rehearsal
  • Doomben Races
With all of these events for "Super Saturday", you think that there would be a "Super" train service? Of course not. "Super Saturday" falls on the second day of the Commonwealth Games Rail Fail Timetable - well the first of three confusing timetables to be precise. This "third world" hourly timetable on all lines is thanks to Queensland Rail's (QR) "everlasting #RailFail" which has no end in sight. Whilst Brisbane is languishing with trains every 60 minutes, Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne are running trains every 15 minutes or better. Even tiny little Wellington in New Zealand is running double the frequency of train services.

As well as making it very difficult to get to these events, the hourly train services are causing woe for commuters (including healthcare staff) trying to get to work, and quite likely damaging CBD businesses that are getting less trade. It is also causing damage to Brisbane and SE Queensland's reputation on the world stage. In the mean time the Transport Minister Mark Bailey has been stated in the news as claiming that he is "confident rail won't fail during the @GC2018" It already has failed Mr Bailey! Are you on a different planet to reality? 

PS: Can QR please give the "illegal" NGRs a wash before GC2018, they look like they haven't had a wash since they left India! 


  1. Haha, they may as well close down the network over Easter and weekends instead of running unusable services. I mean, hardly anyone uses them, right?

    1. Plenty of people would use the trains if they ran to a frequency expected of an urban area with more than 3 million people. With an hourly service, most will drive instead.

  2. How on earth were the people who schedule this stuff meant to know that Commonwealth games would be happening? It's too late as they are unable to reschedule this work no matter what. The schedule, once set, cannot be altered by anything other than an act of god.


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