Saturday, February 17, 2018

Closure Confusion

As is expected from purveyors of incompetence - TransLink, they have dropped another clanger over the information provided for this weekend's mass line closure through Brisbane's CBD. Taking in mind that the Ferny Grove Line is still running from Ferny Grove to Bowen Hills, the reasons for the closure has been given as - Turnout maintenance (Fortitude Valley), Embankment stabilisation (Newmarket), Removal of ground frames (Newmarket), Track reconditioning (Windsor to Wilston), Re-railing works (Bowen Hills to Windsor & Newmarket to Alderley), Overhead power line maintenance, General track maintenance. Given that many of these locations are on the apparently still open Ferny Grove Line, it seems that TransLink have done a half-arsed copy and paste job from a previous track closure. This has caused confusion, with many Ferny Grove Line commuters now unsure as to whether the Ferny Grove Line is actually running or not?

Showing how clueless Brisbane's journalists are, the Brisbane Times have copied and pasted this incorrect information into a news article without giving any thought to whether it was correct or not. Not much hope for investigative journalism is there!

This is not the first time TransLink have provide incorrect information regarding line closures. Last year, BrizCommuter was turfed off a late night northbound train at Park Road, when the TransLink's line closure information stated that trains were terminating at Roma Street. In fact, the train terminated at South Brisbane. 

Ferny Grove Line commuters aren't the only ones confused by this weekends shenanigans. Long suffering Doomben Line commuters will have to alight at Wooloowin, then catch the next train (which could be quite a wait given the infrequency of trains in Brisbane) to travel one more stop to Albion, before then having to catch a rail replacement bus into the city or beyond. Anyone not prepared for this (which will be the majority) will end up arriving at their destination very very late!

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