Wednesday, January 25, 2017

QR's Alderley Upgrade Fail

Closed platform sections at Alderley
After many years of waiting, Alderley station on the Ferny Grove Line is currently in the process of an accessibility upgrade. As part of the upgrade, sections of the platform have been closed off, to allow for re-construction. This can be seen in the uploaded photo which BrizCommuter took before being shouted at by a hi-viz worksite thug. Whilst it is good that the station has been kept open during this work, it seems that the "Queenslander" effect has crept into this project too.

A closed section of platform is not an issue for passengers boarding the train as they simply can't board the train where the platform is closed. However, it is an issue if the passenger wants to exit the train where the platform is closed. BrizCommuter received a report this week from a passenger, that they were unable to exit the train due to barricades on the platform at Alderley, and ended up at the next station, Enoggera.

BrizCommuter went for a ride (or two) to check out what was going on. During two inbound (to City) journeys, only on one of these train services did the guard put out an announcement that the doors would be locked on a specific carriage and passengers needed to move to another carriage to exit at Alderley. On two outbound (away from City) journeys, no announcement or door locking occurred at all. On the second of these two journeys, BrizCommuter observed a lady trying to exit the train, seeing the orange barricade netting on the platform, she moved to the next to doorway, same problem, she tried to move to the next carriage, only for the train to depart without her being able to exit the train. Not a happy Queensland Rail (QR) customer!

So it seems that QR have failed on multiple fronts:
  • Failure of multiple guards to lock to doors on affected carriages whilst the train is transiting through Alderley
  • Failure for multiple guards to make announcements to warn passengers to move to other carriages/doorways prior to the train arriving at Alderley.
  • Failure of QR to effectively communicate with customers (printed, online, or verbal) about the situation.
Not good enough QR!

Update 03/02/2017

Despite QR being made aware of this issue, it is still occurring. Yesterday, BrizCommuter received a report of an elderly man getting confused and distressed when the door he was trying to exit from opened into a closed and barricaded section of platform. No announcements or door locking occurred. Staff did help him off the train. What has happened to QR's Zero Harm policy?


  1. Lack of communication from lazy, bogan staff who dress like slobs and couldn't care less is so Queensland Rail.

  2. What's with not allowing photos? Is the project a government project, with photographic restrictions, or did you take the photo from the construction worker before they were ready? No government work should be restricted from viewing and documenting unless restricted in the public interest or for national security reasons.

    1. I agree. The photo was taken using an iPhone from the overbridge, which was seen by a worker who started shouting at me. Photography is not illegal or public or private land in Australia, though a private company can "not allow" or "discourage" photography. Certainly, it seems that the worker was paranoid about something!

    2. Seems to be a regular thing with QR. On my visit to Springfield Central, standing across the road from the station I had some dumbo in a QR uniform come to me saying he wouldn't leave until I ceased breaking terrorism laws that prohibit photographing QR property.

      I know there are laws about photographing military installations, but I sure as hell hope the military isn't secretly depending on QR!

    3. Somebody - QR have a policy of not allowing photography on their property or of their property without permission, however this is no law against this. The only anti-photography laws in Australia are photographing military installations and children in a dubious manner. The QR personal seemed to making up a non-existent "terrorism law", the threat of which is actually illegal.

  3. The announcements are inconsistent. Commuters soon get the idea, but good luck to the occasional PT user.

    And on another thing ... I know that QR is trying to stretch its dollar further in station modernisation, but this timeframe is ludicrously long. These works started in March last year, and look to have quite a ways to go yet.

    1. Yes, I could never see QR doing major work as fast as recently occurred in Melbourne (lowering of tracks from surface to underground/cutting). Newmarket upgrade must win awards for slowness.

  4. Commonwealth government property:

    It is illegal to enter certain property belonging to the government such as railway yards, electrical power stations and military bases. Trespassing in these areas may lead to arrest and prosecution. For example, under the Defence (Special Undertakings) Act 1952 (Cth) it is an offence to gain unlawful entry into a "prohibited area" (including flying over it), punishable by imprisonment. The Minister can declare any area of land or water "prohibited" if it is necessary for Commonwealth defence. The same applies for taking a photograph of the area or anything in it. Merely possessing a camera while in a "prohibited
    area" can also result in imprisonment. Four Christian Pacifist activists were prosecuted under this Act for trespassing on the US Pine Gap military base in Australia and taking photographs in October 2006.
    It is also illegal to photograph any defence installation in Australia under the Defence Act 1903 (Cth). Your photos, camera and film can be confiscated and destroyed, and you can face potential fines or imprisonment. You can even be arrested without a warrant. Be aware of any warning signs displayed at such locations as you can be penalised even if you haven’t taken any photos, but have photography equipment in your possession.

    -- So in summary it looks like this does not apply in your situation.

    1. Thanks for the above information. As Queensland Rail owned land is not federally owned, then it does not apply.


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