Monday, October 24, 2016

QR's Interim Timetables - Sardine Can Services

TransLink have provided a list of service cuts and alterations as part of Queensland Rail's Interim Timetable, discussed in the previous blog post. However BrizCommuter has taken it upon himself to warn commuters on which services may be overcrowded as a result of service cancellations. You could also call this a list of services which press photographers and media crew should turn up to observe ;-)

Note, this is not a complete list!

Tuesday - Thursday

  • 6:54am from Cleveland to Bowen Hills (passes through Buranda at 7:34am)
  • 7:03am from Springfield to Bowen Hills (passes through Milton at 7:39am)
  • 7:16am Kippa-Ring to City & Springfield (passes through Eagle Junction at 08:01am)
  • 7:35am Caboolture to City & Ipswich (passes through Eagle Junction at 08:16am) 
  • 7:54am Shorncliffe to City & Cannon Hill (passes through Albion at 8:22am)
  • 5:11pm Bowen Hills to Cleveland (passes through South Bank at 5:27pm) *
  • 7:17am Ferny Grove to Park Road (passes through Windsor at 7:39am)*
  • 7:32am Ferny Grove to Park Road (passes through Windsor at 7:54am) *
  • 7:35am Caboolture to City & Ipswich (passes through Eagle Junction at 08:16am) 
  • 5:31pm Bowen Hills to Springfield (passes through Milton at 5:42pm)

* denotes - likely to have most densely packed sardines commuters. 

Don't say BrizCommuter didn't warn you!


  1. There was claim on their page that the removal of services was to ensure "ensure that Queensland Rail continues to deliver a high level of service frequency and capacity in the morning and afternoon peaks."

    Can someone explain:
    1. How removing services will delivery a high level of service frequency?
    2. How removing services will delivery a high level of capacity?
    3. Given they use the word "continues" on what basis are existing services evaluated as either a high level of service or a high level of capacity?

    This last point seems to have been the topic of political discussions for a decade, less capacity than required because of no action on cross river rail/subway/shared bridge/etc. Their own surveys show the public doesn't regard their services as high level, nor adequate capacity.

    Is it because KPIs all look good, given that there is almost no scenario in which late or missed services affect their KPIs. That would make sense as the current catastrophic failure won't affect KPIs either.

  2. As expected premier was very proud to state that all services were above 98% on-time. I think they can do better. If they stop all trains not a single train will be late, and KPI's will be at 100%.

    I saw the public consultation going on in King George Square RE the new subway/metro/light rail/whatever it is meant to be. I'm very happy to say it is a sensible approach based on duplicating the existing bus routes. On the face of it, it may look like it goes from nowhere to nowhere, and makes locations such as the cultural centre a multi-level nightmare, but they did give me a lolly, so it's all good.


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