Wednesday, December 23, 2015

QR's Christmas Unpleasant

18 minutes is longer than 15 minutes TransLink!
For some, Christmas Eve, and the working days between Christmas and New Year (in this case Tue 29th, Wed 30th, Thu 31st) are normal working days. Unfortunately, Queensland Rail don't seem to agree, severely reducing the peak service by 50 to 66% on some lines, and making some express trains all stations. Now, this is understandable given that the number of commuters have probably reduced by more than this figure. However BrizCommuter has observed that QR have failed to properly inform commuters of these changes, with the likely effect that there will be quite a few unsuspecting commuters late for work on these days. BrizCommuter has heard no on train announcements, nor any at station announcements. Only the poster at the station that alluded to a "special timetable" and on TransLink's website which most of the affected commuters have probably not seen. BrizCommuter recommends that if QR try this timetable chopping next year, they need to:

  • Announce on every peak service, that the peak service will be reduced (e.g. on xx days, the Springfield Line will run an am peak service every 12-18 minutes instead of every 6 minutes)
  • Announce at stations the service changes that will be made before each train arrives (e.g. on xx days, the next service will not run, please catch the xx train or xx train instead). 
BrizCommuter will be turning up for his usual train service (removed from the timetable) tomorrow just to observe how many people were unaware of this service removal.

Sunshine Coast commuters are particularly annoyed with the Caboolture to Petrie closure starting at 2am on Christmas Eve, which as previously mentioned is a working day for many (including healthcare and some government sectors). This appears to be times so that trains are running for New Years Eve, which appears to have been deemed more important! The essential engineering work is related to the Moreton Bay Rail Link and North Pine River crossing replacement. Amusingly, a Sunshine Coast commuter was observed telling other commuters this morning that "if you all complain, QR will cancel the engineering works". Ha, ha, ha. QR are not going cancel long planned engineering works costing tens of millions due to a few last minute complaints!

Update 24/12/15
BrizCommuter actually heard an announcement this morning about the service changes, and saw a big advert on one of the newfangled LED displays at Fortitude Valley. A bit late QR, as BrizCommuter was on a train after a service that was removed from the timetable! Also, TransLink are still charging peak fares, even though the peak train service is rather similar to an off-peak service. Fraud?

Merry Christmas to all commuters.  

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  1. I was the very lucky recipient of a survey (okay - I chased one of the PDA holding staff down until they took my email for the survey). I finally got to put my say down on some of these issues, right? No! All I could do is rate things, there was no place for actual feedback (who would want that from a survey of users?). For instance, I was able to rate the temperature in the carriage as terrible (I always take one or two thick train jumpers with me for the Gold Coast to Brisbane fridge 15 deg C sometimes!). But how do they know if the temperature was too cold or too hot? And many Items I felt were right in the middle of the slider, but apparently leaving the slider there meant I didn't answer the question. I HAD to move the slider slightly positive or slightly negative giving a FALSE answer. Let alone no actual number so I don't know if I was scoring a 1.25 or a 1.3 or a 1.2 on the answer. So even their survey is another fail. No wonder no improvement happens if this is how they attempt to receive feedback.


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