Monday, November 16, 2015

Design a CityCat

Brisbane City Council are running a "design a CityCat" competition. The link is below:
Before you get excited about designing a double deck CityCat with spa bath, it's not quite design a CityCat, more design the annoying wrap on the exterior that stops people than getting a good view out of the windows. With Brisbane's sporting teams now being plastered all over the CityCats, it is time for a "Team Brisbane" themed CityCat wrap that shows off aspects of Brisbane.

Here are a few of BrizCommuter's ideas for the CityCat design:

  • An image of half-empty buses queuing across the Victoria Bridge.
  • An image of passengers on a train platform, with a "next train in 29" minutes indicator.  
  • An image of toll road tunnel shareholders in despair. 
  • An image of  ex-public transport users driving to work for lower cost. 
Do you think these will win? If you have any better ideas, add a comment, or better still enter the competition. 

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  1. Howdy,
    I came across this booklet called, ‘The Pocket Brisbane 1915’. There are interesting bits of information in this booklet for example; page 70 is about the railways, i.e. - trains, stations, lost property etc.
    Pages 71 to 79 were about Brisbane’s trams. The booklet lists all the tram routes, the timetable and fare structure for each of the tram routes.
    Interestingly, some of the tram routes had ten minute frequency up until 10pm or 11 pm at night.


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