Sunday, July 26, 2015

Another Information Failure

Both TransLink and QR are far from perfect when it comes to providing customer information. Here is another example. 

Tracks are closed from 10:45pm you say?
Train services will be affected from approximately 10:15pm you say?

So if you were travelling from Central to Ferny Grove arriving at Central at 9pm, you think you would be OK, right? No, the last train from Central to Ferny Grove departs at 8:56pm - 1 hour and 19 minutes before the time that "trains services will be affected". If you turned up at South Bank to get to Ferny Grove at 8:46pm you would have missed the last train - despite there being 1 hour and 29 minutes until the time that "trains services will be affected".

It gets worse, for those travelling into Brisbane from outer suburban areas, the last train from Varsity Lakes is 8:40pm, the last train from Nambour is 8:13pm, and the last Beenleigh Line train departs at 7:48pm - a whopping 2 hours and 27 minutes before "services are affected". 

Whilst this information is available on TransLink's website, the last train information is not available on posters available at stations (or at least BrizCommuter hasn't seen them despite trying). Due to this, quite a few passengers are going to be having a much later night than they were expecting getting home including BrizCommuter. 

BrizCommuter suggests that in this case the statement should say "trains services will be progressively replaced by buses from 7:48pm"?

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