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TransLink's Facebook Farce!

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When you are probably the most hated Queensland government department (well actually TransLink is a component of Department of Transport and Main Roads) is it really a good idea to set up a Facebook page? Maybe TransLink thought it is a better way of connecting with the people? Given the ridicule of Queensland Rail's (QR's) new timetable on QR's Facebook page, TransLink would be on another planet if they think they are not going to be slated, stoned, and pilloried. Here are some comments made before the TransLink page has even been officially announced, and minus moderators as well:

Ellenabobbin Payne Morahan Buses that never come, fares that are insanely expensive.
How could you expect this page to attract anything but hate?
I have never hated a public service the way I hate translink, congratulations on outdoing Queensland Health and centrelink as one of the most frustrating, poorly run government services ever screwed up by it's senior management!

Timothy Axolotl Jay Great opportunity for what? He's catching a bus not enrolling in university. Though maybe he's heading to a job interview. He'll need that job so he can pay over $10 a day in public transport fees to get a few KMs down the road. (In reference to the Queensland Government's "Great State. Great Opportunity." tag line.

Patrick Doyle Why do your busses pass my stop eleven minutes late or seven minutes early

Jayne-Louise Pritchard If you want to stop people evading fairs and taking advantage of the '9 and free' scheme then LOWER YOUR PRICES. Brisbane has one of the most expensive public transport systems in the WORLD, and the most expensive in Australia, and yet it's one of the worst.

Eg. I now pay (thank you for increasing prices again, by the way) $2.52 off peak, $3.14 on peak to get to university. 

Theoretically, that's $5.04 - $6.28 a day. That's $22.68 - $28.26 a week (taking into account your '9 and free' scheme, that's on par with how much I would spend on fuel - public transport is meant to be a cheaper alternative!). That's $45.36 - $56.52 a fortnight (nearly 15% of what I earn as a student). That's $317.52 - $395.64 a semester. That's $635.04 - $791.28 a year (that's more expensive than my car registration AND insurance).

I would save $70.65 - $87.92 a year with your '9 and free' scheme. That's a 10% saving per year. Not much, considering you wanted to hike up your prices 15%, but generously decided to only hike them up 7.5% /sarcasm.

Luckily, even though I have uni 5 days a week, I can get a lift to uni in a car a few times week. I avoid public transport at all costs, because:
a) It's way too expensive.
b) It's disgusting.
c) The people running rampant on your buses and trains.

Carpooling is a MUCH cheaper and more comfortable option for me. I only catch public transport when I have absolutely no other choice. That's a testament to how awful a job the government is doing.

This also means that I miss out on the "savings" your '9 and free' scheme would give me.

Poor effort!

Hamish Irvine $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Kim Brown Is that a full bus passing waiting passengers..... again...? (In reference to a photo on TransLink's Facebook page)

Kordell Delo HOW ABOUT FARES THAT AREN'T THE WORLDS HIGHEST? It's pathetic, it's meant to be Government owned and yet it's so ridiculously expensive. NT made all public transport free for students, I pay $3000 a year here, and $0 a year in Darwin.

Lisa Leo Yes, it's easy!! Simply touch off, except when the station has a blackout... Then you will be charged $10 the next morning on your way to work because you didn't touch off the previous trip, and another $10 half an hour later for the same reason ... And then spend half the morning on the phone arguing to get a refund while being told " no system is perfect". Far from it Translink!!!!!!!

Timothy Axolotl Jay PROTECT THE MONEY? The last thing a Go Card does is protect money.

Jasmine Walton This is ridiculous there's no way for those "adults" who work on a casual basis (1-2 short shifts per week) to get any discount! Go cards are such a massive rip off. I've started driving/ walking everywhere now cause I'm sick of getting ripped off! #fedup

Tomorrow (Mon 3rd March 2014), when many more disgruntled and ripped-off commuters find out about TransLink's Facebook page, it will be quite an amusing read. The above comments will probably be quite tame in comparison. Link below:

Update - 06/03/2014

It appears that TransLink have failed to officially announce the launch of Facebook page. However, the torrent of (quite justified) abuse from disgruntled commuters persists. Here are a few quotes from the last few days.
Vlad Gigov I think your service and pricing is abusive and obscene (In response to another persons post being removed for being abusive and obscene)

Vlad Gigov Seriously I've just moved up from Sydney and have gotten to the point that I refuse to use any of your services. I walk an hour to work and back - and even though it means getting up earlier it spares me the aneurism of dealing with this obscenely over priced and inefficient service

Ruby Violet Wow translink your censorship of this page is on par with North Korean censorship. Seriously translinks services are THE most expensive in the ENTIRE world and the quality of the service is shameful. People are angry so let them vent, deleting every comment that doesn't portray translink in a good light isn't fooling anyone into thinking this service is good. (In response to TransLink removing yet another post)

The following posts are all in response to TransLink having a guessing game on when the go card was launched:

Garvin Gray And have been jacking fares ever since with affordability stats going in the opposite direction.

Jayne-Louise Pritchard I remember the day I realised they didn't do daily tickets anymore... I remember the bewilderment, the confusion, and the realisation I'd be paying the same ridiculously high price to come back home.

Ivan Anderson Terrible service, terrible prices, what exactly is being celebrated here?

Neil Mendham Yes, it was the day Brisbane got that little bit uglier
The Courier Mail has also ran a story on TransLink's Facebook fail:

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