Thursday, December 5, 2013

Springfield Line opens

The long awaited Springfield Line opened on Monday 2nd December 2013. The extension of the Richlands Line to the "urban sprawl in the middle of nowhere" has two stations. These are confusingly called Springfield (which should have been named Springfield Lakes or Springfield North), and Springfield Central. Ellen Grove station, near Forest Lake was unfortunately not built, leaving a long gap between Springfield and Richlands stations.

This line will create a much needed public transport link to the currently car reliant new town of Springfield. The peak direction service is half-decent, with a train every 6 to 12 mins in the am peak, and every 12 mins in the pm peak. With a branch of the University of Southern Queensland at Springfield, quite a few business, and a reasonably sized medical centre, there should be a reasonable amount of reverse peak traffic (e.g. to Springfield in am peak, and from Springfield in pm peak). With this in mind, it is disappointing that both off-peak and counter-peak trains will only run every 30 minutes. Approximately. 2 out of 3 am peak trains will run empty (out of service) outbound to Springfield in the am peak, somewhat disappointing for those trying to get to University! Whilst it is well known that there are a lack of trains in the am peak, BrizCommuter wonders if it is realistic to run any of these empty trains in service? The hourly Sunday am train service is also disappointing.

The last minute car park extension at Springfield is very welcome, but may become stretched to capacity very quickly. Decent feeder bus services appear to be missing in action, as per usual in Brisbane's poorly integrated public transport system. The bus services around Springfield has received quite a bit of bad press in the last few days, and something urgently needs to be done to improve coverage, frequency, and routing.

BrizCommuter hasn't been bothered enough to take a trip on the line yet, so has used a stock photo of Springfield instead (top left). Homer was unavailable for comment.

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  1. I am heading out to Springfield Central in a couple of weeks if you want a report. Counter peak times as usual both ways. Best way to test out the system :)


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