Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Have TransLink employed a 3 year old to make maps?

Due to the forthcoming line pairing changes in Queensland Rail's sector 2 timetables, and the opening of the Springfield Line in early December 2013, a new SE Queensland rail network map has been published on TransLink's website. Unfortunately, it joins to long list of TransLink stuff ups. The map is so bad, that BrizCommuter wonders if TransLink employed a 3 year old to create it.

Fractured Richland's Line - the line could have just run under the Ipswich Line in the diagram, but instead TransLink have fractured it, making it look like Bowen Hills to Darra, and Darra to Richlands are two separate train services. 

Missing Line - "hey, no one will notice if we remove the busway from the diagram, but keep in the interchange station symbols". Wrong. 

Try harder next time TransLink!

Update 07/12/2013

Thankfully, a better map has now been introduced, although zone information is sadly lacking.

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