Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I Don't "Give a Beep"

Giving out the wrong message!
Just when you thought that Brisbane City Council couldn't be even more out of touch with reality, the SEQ Council of Mayors have announced their "Give a Beep" campaign to promote road infrastructure projects. Yes, this is the same SEQ Council of Mayors that promoted the ridiculous "Cleveland Solution" alternative to Cross River Rail, and the same Brisbane City Council that runs an inefficient and confusing bus network.

Despite the fact that most developed countries (and many developing countries) have realised that 1960s road centric policies are a failure, it seems that politicians in SE Queensland haven't noticed. 
A environmentally and financially sustainable city requires a healthy mix of road based transport, public transport, and active transport (walking and cycling). Public transport can help reduce road congestion, reduce pollution, and has proven economic benefits. Active transport again reduces road congestion, reduces pollution, increases health (note that Australia is one of the world's fattest nations), and has proven economic benefits. Yet, the SEQ Council of Mayors want to promote road infrastructure improvements instead. This will just lead to more road congestion, more pollution, more road trauma, and poorer health to society. 

On the "Give a Beep" home page, there is even a disgraceful anti-public transport comment (in screenshot above). The SEQ Council of Mayors should be thoroughly ashamed to 50 years behind the rest of the world when it comes to transport policies.

The following Rail Back on Track press release, has a pretty good list of references that need to be read and understood by Queensland Politicians:
Give a Beep website:

PS: The "Give a Beep" website is really badly designed as well - poor navigation, and doesn't display correctly in Safari! How much ratepayers money was spent on this?


  1. I would like to give them two of something instead :)

  2. How stupid of Council of Mayors?

    Time to get out of Queensland!!!

  3. Why get out of Qld, do you think any other councils would be any different?

  4. I don't believe something like this would be stated in too many places besides Qld.

  5. Brisbane's public transport systems are shamefully behind that of other cities. Moving to a city with more care for people's lifestyle is something we're considering. ive a beep is a joke. What about give a klaxon (the train horn) instead!

  6. This country really is the backwater of the world.

  7. Garvin - most other developed cities manage public transport far better than backwards Brisbane!

  8. Anonymous May 10, 2013 at 8:06 PM-

    How many do it 'better' when they have 2.5 million people spread from Tweed Heads to Noosa?

    I think like for like should be compared. It is much easier to run a decent public transport system when huge numbers are located very close to each other.


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