Sunday, November 4, 2012

Springfield Line - built to fail?

19 months ago, BrizCommuter wrote this blog post about the failings of the currently under construction Springfield Line, expected to open in late 2013. Sadly, despite a change of government, things haven't improved. The LNP are blaming their own failure to add extra car parking space on the previous government. So, what is still wrong with the Springfield Line?

  • Extremely limited car parking spaces at Springfield (200) and Springfield Central (100) stations. Given the highly unlikely chance of even half-decent (15 minutes frequency or better) feeder bus services serving the urban sprawl of Springfield, Springfield Lakes and suburbs beyond (including Brookwater and Redbank Plains), it is likely that the car parks could be full by around 7am! This will just continue to force Springfield commuters to continue driving to the CBD.
  • No station at Ellen Grove. Building a new station at the same time is far cheaper and less disruptive than building the station years or decades later. It would also take some pressure of Richland station's car park which usually fills up before 8am. 
  • Poor off-peak train service. If the Springfield Line was built in Perth, Melbourne, or Sydney, it would have a 15 minute off-peak service. Current plans are for a paltry 30 minute off-peak frequency to Springfield. Only in SE Queensland, is $475m spent on extending a train line, and then a completely unattractive train service operated! 
It seems that LNP government are continuing on with the ALPs plans to make the Springfield Line a failure from the outset. With a recent press release about the adding an extra lane to the Centenary Highway, and removing a planned cycle way in the process, it seems that the LNP have lost the plot when it comes to sustainable transport planning. This isn't the 1960s Campbell!

Is this Campbell Newman's vision for the Centenary Highway?


  1. It is absolutely idiotic to spend so much on extending a rail line, and then providing insufficient train services and parking spaces. I bet TransLink provide an hourly feeder bus and claim it's frequent.

  2. Every other railway car park is full by 7am, why should Springfield be any different? That's just how we do things around here - half-assed.


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