Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TransLink Ekka Rip-Off

TransLink taking passengers for a ride?
BrizCommuter travelled to the Ekka by train on the Exhibition Wednesday public holiday, using his go card as two zone 1-2 off-peak fares should be cheaper than using the $6 Ekka special return ticket. However, as BrizCommuter touched off at Exhibition Station, he was shocked to be charged a peak fare!

Just to clarify, it was a public holiday in Brisbane. The train service provided was a Saturday service, which is most definitely an off-peak train service. TransLink's own website states that off-peak fares occur on "gazetted public holidays" - link. So why are TransLink charging peak fares to go card users? This is yet another example of TransLink's incompetence, after they laid on bus routes duplicating train lines for this years Ekka.

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