Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New late night Shorncliffe trains

Brisbane at night - shame about the train service
In a well received move, the new LNP government, Queensland Rail and TransLink have added two new late night outbound and inbound services on the Shorncliffe Line. The new inbound services departs Boondall at 11:14 and 12:14pm, filling hour long service gaps. These services have primarily been added to assist getting passengers home from the Brisbane Entertainment Centre at Boondall. With traffic congestion at concert finish time being notorious this is very good news. However, the last three inbound Shorncliffe Line services may still not connect with major train lines in the CBD. Maybe starting and finishing concerts 30 minute earlier should also be considered?

 Many other lines also have hour long train service gaps late at night on weekdays, much to the annoyance of shift workers, theatre goers, and those travelling home from social events. This is unacceptable in a city that considers itself a "new world city". Other late night weekday gaps that need filling include:

  • Ferny Grove Line - between ex-Central 10:33 and 11:33pm. 
  • Cleveland Line - between ex-Central 9:47, 10:45, and 11:46pm.
  • Gold Coast Line - between ex-Central 8:24, 9:24, 10:24, and 11:24pm.
  • Beenleigh Line - between ex-Central 11:01pm and 12:01pm
So come on Queensland Government, QR, and TransLink - fill the gaps, this is Brisbane not Bourke! 

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  1. Under the current rail network I don't understand why they don't try to synchronise last inbound and outbound services.

    The idea is that the last inbound service on every line terminate at Bowen Hills or Roma St within 15 or so minutes. After the last inbound service has terminated run an outbound service for every line.

    It would cause some oddball last train times, but it would mean that catching a train inbound guarantees a connecting service outbound. I'm sure waiting an extra 10 - 30 minutes overall is justified for the simplicity of "can catch it in - can catch it out" service.


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