Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Don't run for the train!

Mind the gap/step/long wait
This article from the Courier Mail's website a few days ago is titled "Queensland Rail campaign to cut down on injuries to commuters rushing".  416 slips, falls, and trips were recorded on Queensland Rail's passenger network last year. Instead of a poster campaign, how about solving these 2 big contributors to the problem:

  • Frequency - with off-peak trains in Brisbane generally running a laughable 30 minutes apart, it is a no brainer that people are going to rush for a train. No one likes a 29 minute wait (or worse) for the next train. Brisbane urgently needs 15 minute off-peak train frequencies!
  • Gap between train and platform - as BrizCommuter has recently found out trying to get BabyCommuter on and off trains in a pram, the step/gap between the train and platform around Queensland Rail's network is really quite dangerous. Whilst some CBD refurbished stations have seen some improvement, many suburban refurbished stations have had no improvement to the step/gap of doom. 

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