Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Faremaggedon III - Political Suicide?

Even more expensive!
Most public transport commuters will be aware that the 3rd instalment of unjustifiable fare rises is nearly upon us. The aim of the fare rises was to supposedly to reduce the taxpayer subsidy of public transport in SE Queensland. Not surprisingly, it has stunted what was previously strong growth in public transport patronage, and the taxpayer subsidy amount and percentage have resultantly increased. Quite an epic policy failure. SE Queensland has one of the most expensive public transport systems in the world, with service improvements lagging fare behind the fare increases. Despite it being an election year, the ALP Bligh Government is pressing on with yet another fare increase in what appears to be political suicide. Unfortunately, the LNP opposition haven't ruled out stopping these fare increases if they gain power.

Despite TransLink informing us of how much cheaper go card fares are compared to paper tickets etc, below are the facts of the fare rise that will be inflicted on SE Queensland commuters from 2nd January 2012:
  • Adult peak go card single - approx. 15% increase
  • Adult off-peak go card - approx. 8.5% increase
  • Adult paper ticket - approx. 13 to 15% increase
Here are a few comparisons:
  • Annual CPI Brisbane - 3.1%
  • Public sector worker pay rises - 2.5%
  • Increase in Q1 bus service km in last annum - 2.5%
  • Increase in Q1 train service km in last annum - 6%
See you at the polling booth in 2012!

Update 27/12/2011

TransLink have released online adverts stating the fare rises are for "fare contribution for a growing and improving network". The above figures show that the fares are rising by between 8.5% to 15% when the service km have only increased by 2.5% to 6%. This shows that the majority of the fare rises are not being used to improve public transport, but are more likely being used in a failed attempt to bail the Queensland Government out of debt. BrizCommuter is not fooled by TransLink's spin, and it is likely that the majority of public transport users are also not fooled. Enough is enough!


  1. I bought a scooter when the fares increased last year and have not looked back. Public transport is not affordable in Brisbane, and the train service sucks.

  2. I suggest everyone send a message to Transfarce and both sides of govt about the fare increases - do not pay for it.

    Mass disobedience of the ticketing regime, think of a debilitating way to do it and encourage all to participate.

  3. Also, you close with 'see you at the polling booth in 2012', but what party has a convincing policy to reduce the cost of public transport? I have not found any party or single seat independent candidate with this.

  4. Marcus - mass disobedience of the ticketing system will just result in more fines and criminal records. Not a good suggestion. BrizCommuter suggests using the go card smartly (re: make use of the one hour continuation time), or simply vote with your feet. The patronage facts speak for themselves, the Government and TransLink just appear to be ignoring it.

  5. I'm the bloke who caught 40 buses and trains on Monday and sold my card to a backpacker for $10 profit. I am prepared to get arrested next Monday by offering to charge up peoples go-cards for a fee. I am disgusted by the QLD government! This is the only state or territory capital without concessions for health care card holders. Shamefull!
    The sooner we reject this ridiculous narrative that we all have to help the QLD government pay for PT the sooner we will realise we need to make them build a decent service that is usable by the economically disadvantaged. After all they pay a higher percentage of their income toward GST revenue than those who can afford Translinks astronomical fares.

    Please like my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/TTRipoff

  6. Michael G Swifte - BrizCommuter is very much against the current fare policy. However, BrizCommuter does not support breaking the law during protests about it. Be very careful, a criminal record isn't advisable!


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