Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Phase 2 Timetables - When?

So the stage 2 timetable consultation has started, without any hint of when we will actually be able to see any draft timetables, or when the timetables will be introduced into service. Thanks to the wonders of the internet archive wayback machine, lets go back to TransLink's website on November 30th 2010.
Oh look, the stage 2 timetable was planned for delivery in late 2011!
No, it wasn't a typo, here is the same claim on another TransLink webpage from the same day. BrizCommuter is also convinced of seeing a claim in stage 1 consultation material, that the stage 2 consultation was to commence in early 2011, but sadly this information appears to have been lost in cyberspace.

So what happened? Well, it makes sense that with the Ferny Grove duplication being finished "some time in 2012" that the phase 2 timetables should wait until then. It would be nice if TransLink and QR had to courtesy to tell their customers of this delay, or when Ferny Grove duplication is expected to be complete. There have also been rumblings that the timetable will wait until after an upgrade at Sandgate which would allow for a more frequent and reliable peak service to Shorncliffe. However, the date for this is unknown. So it seems that SE Queensland commuters are yet again being left in the dark as to when they will be able to view the draft timetables, and when they will be getting an "improved" new timetable. BrizCommuter is very concerned about this continuing lack of transparency and disregard for customers from both TransLink and QR.

As mentioned in the previous blog post, BrizCommuter thinks that the draft timetables will not be released until after the state election in early 2012. Draft timetables, potentially mean unhappy voters. It may also allow the addition of election campaign promises to the timetable, however BrizCommuter is not holding his breath on either party suggesting radical improvements such as 15 minute off-peak frequencies.

Place your bets now, for when the stage 2 timetables will be introduced:

  • Late 2010, as QR CRG members were informed at the very first CRG meeting?
  • Late 2011 as TransLink informed commuters in late 2010?
  • When the Ferny Grove duplication is finished sometime in 2012?
  • When the mystical Sandgate upgrade takes place ???
  • As late as possible in the 2011/2012 financial year?
  • In the 2012/2013 financial year (despite being mentioned in TransLink's 2011/12 Network Plan)?
  • Whenever QR get more trains in 2014?
  • Whenever the state government is out of debt?
  • Never?
Your guess is as good as mine!

Update 03/12/2011

At a recent QR CRG concerned with the new timetables, QR representatives could not give a date of the draft timetable consultation, nor the dates of the introduction of the phase 2 timetables, nor could they even provide information on the track capacity through the CBD, nor provide any information on whether the Sandgate upgrade was going to occur. This is extremely concerning news, and this lack of action combined with another 15% fare increase, will heighten next years unemployment prospects of current state government MPs with electorates served by the phase 2 rail lines.


  1. Do TransLink think that we are all stupid and wouldn't notice the delay of new timetables?

  2. Annoyed Commuter of MorningsideNovember 23, 2011 at 2:07 PM

    It's been nearly 4 years now that I've had to put up with no train between 06:50 and 07:13. I can't wait for a improved timetable! Come on QR!!

  3. Translink is just rubbish, especially for the people who are only in town for a few days.

    I wanted to travel in to the city for two days on a bus. Firstly, its stupid that a go card plus deposit is cheaper for just 4 trips than paper tickets are. I got a card with $20+$5 deposit for 4 bus trips that would cost $35 to pay cash.

    Secondly where I get on the push there is no where to buy a go-card for 10km.

    Thirdly the bus I took only departed 4 times in the morning and returned 4 times in the after-noon.

    I could not find any logic in the time table. The 4 buses leave the city at: 4:15 4:25 5:20 5:40.

    When I went to get off the bus I noticed that no one was swipping off. Because the trip is $5.50 but the penalty is only $5.00. So its cheaper if you don't swipe off.... what a joke system GO-CARD is.

    I now have $3 on a card I will never use again and they won't give it back, because the minimum refund on the deposit is $5. They say have to load $2, but the minimum load is $20....


  4. Anonymous, the refund conditions state no such rule as a minimum balance to get a refund! I think that either there is some miscommunication, or someone is telling porkies because they are too lazy to process it.

  5. Not Amused of BethaniaDecember 3, 2011 at 8:59 AM

    Since QR stuffed up the Beenleigh Line timetable in 2008, its taken me 10 more minutes to get work on a slow train. I can't believe that there is still no end in sight to the current terrible timetable !!


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