Thursday, October 6, 2011

Airtrain allowed to stay out later!

Today it was announced that from December 12th 2011 Airtrain will extend it's evening operations from the rather laughable 8pm to a much more reasonable 10pm. This will mean that Airtrain can be used to access the late night international flights out of Brisbane, and allows Airtrain to be used to get home after evening flights from East Coast destinations. Previously a post-work evening flight from Sydney at around 6pm would get into Brisbane around 7:15pm. With risks of delays and waiting for bags, catching the 8pm train could not be guaranteed. Now passengers can make the train! BrizCommuter welcomes this much needed service improvement.

Did Airtrain's record $12.5m profit last year push the decision to provide a better service? If Airtrain turn another large profit next year, will we see services run even later, and every 15 mins during the daytime off-peak? Airtrain is still playing catch up with nearly every other airport train service! BrizCommuter is also interested to know if the later Airtrain service will also result in improvements to the currently hourly evening Gold Coast Line service?

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