Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mind the gap

Mind The Gap
In London, the often heard "mind the gap" announcement refers to the gap between the tube trains and the platforms. In Brisbane it has a whole different meaning…

TransLink's 2006/2007 network plan states that the peak service provision guideline for outer-suburban rail stations is a train every 20 minutes. TransLink's definition of outer-suburban is rather odd. It means that Buranda, Dutton Park, and Windsor are classed as outer-suburban stations, despite only being a few km from the CBD. 

20 minutes peak frequency is very poor compared to many other cities with suburban rail systems. These large service gaps and irregular frequencies in the peak periods are a major deterrent to people using rail, and also a deterrent to using public transport if there is no frequent bus alternative. Just to add insult to injury, QR have managed to timetable peak gaps in excess of TransLink's 20 minute peak service guideline at many stations within a 15km of the CBD on the Ferny Grove, Cleveland, Caboolture, Shorncliffe, and Beenleigh Lines. Even on parts of the network classified by Translink as inner-suburban (Park Rd & Corinda to Northgate), with a 10 minute peak service guideline, there are peak service gaps of up to 19 minutes. It's just not good enough! 

BrizCommuter would like to see all train stations (Doomben Line and Tennyson excluded) within at least a 15km radius of Central have a peak frequency of at least every 15 minutes, with an aim towards eventually achieving a "turn up and go" 10 minute peak frequency. Lets hope that TransLink's 2010 network plan, and QR's eagerly awaited 2011 timetables result in considerably improved peak services than at present.


  1. Milton is 1 stop from Roma Street and the trains in the afternoon to get to the city are at 4.28pm, 4.43pm, 4.56pm, 5.12pm and 5.40pm. How on earth can they justify that 28 minute gap between trains at peak time. A lot of people finish work at 5pm in Milton (me included)! If I finished at 4 or 4.30 I'd be right, but unfortunately I cannot change my work times.

  2. It's bizarre that trains are every 15mins between Milton and Roma Street during the day, and then in the peak, there can be up to a 28 minute gap. TransLink and QR need to get rid of these silly gaps in the next timetables.


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