Thursday, June 30, 2011

TransLink Ghost Train to Tennyson

Ghost Train 
Just when you thought that TransLink couldn't excel themselves anymore in inconveniencing commuters, here comes along another classic!

BrizCommuter readers may remember this recent blog post on the possibly premature extinction of the Tennyson Line:
In that blog post, a question was asked about where the curtailed Tennyson Line will reverse, now that they only run as far as Yeerongpilly instead of Corinda. According to one of BrizCommuter's sources, some of the ex-Tennyson Line services are actually still running along the Tennyson Line, and reversing at Corinda. Yep, that right, some Tennyson Line services are apparently still running along the same route as they were before the timetable changes, just now without passengers! The 600+ school children (and their parents) who now have to take a longer and/or slower route to get to and from school should be absolutely horrified by this news.

Yet another reason why public transport in Brisbane is most definitely not "World Class".

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  1. Of course they are! Otherwise they would have to dwell on the main line at Yeerongpilly for an extended period of time while reversing, thereby impacting peak Beenleigh & Gold Coast services.

    It is operationally necessary for them to move on from Yeerongpilly rather than turning back directly, so why not either continue to provide a cross suburban service to Corinda, or extend them to Rocklea or Kuraby?


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