Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Too much expresso?

It seems that QR like serving up expresso, so much that those trying to travel outbound to or from Oxford Park, Grovely, and Keperra in todays am peak, might as well have stayed in bed.
3 outbound Ferny Grove services were effectively cancelled for users trying to start or finish their journeys to or from the above mentioned stations. With two consecutive trains expressed, this created a gap between services of 45 minutes instead of the timetabled 15 minute frequency. Most of the affected travellers would have been school children, who shouldn't really be left to wait around on train platforms for longer than necessary.  

Whilst it could be argued that by expressing these services reduced the impact on the majority of users travelling inbound, BrizCommuter thinks that QR were serving up too much expresso this morning. 

Oh, and just to add, one of the inbound trains that ran late, was one of the dreaded 3-car unit services, with reportedly hundreds of passengers left behind at inner Ferny Grove Line stations yet again as the train was full.

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  1. I've done some research on these and it turns out that the train is never "late". If it turns into express and skips stations, then it can stay within the "on-time" KPIs. Sure there are people waiting at stations that technically weren't able to get onto a train at the scheduled time, but what's important here are the KPIs look good. Also, if a train is actually late (as far as you are concerned), there is almost no circumstance in which the operator is actually held responsible (i.e. any failure due to lack of maintenance, or any event what-so-ever) absolves the operator from the KPIs. What are your rights if you see your train speed by and/or your service can't be supplied in any form? Well, the good news is that once you swipe on you have no ability to be refunded under any circumstances what-so-ever, as long as you swipe off at the same swipe location within 20 minutes. The bad news is you have to do this within 20 minutes. Unfortunately, it normally takes more than 30 minutes to be informed/realise the train/bus has been cancelled and no alternative can be supplied.


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