Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Newmarket Go Slow?

SE Queensland's public transport network is excelling itself with slow progress at the moment - nearly 1 year late Next Generation Rollingstock trains, the 7 months late Moreton Bay Rail Link, Cross River Rail planning going around in circles, and of course the ongoing incompetence of Brisbane City Council's bus network. So lets through another one into the mix - Newmarket station accessibility upgrade.

BrizCommuter first reported on this upgrade back in early March, when strange things started appearing at Newmarket station, and of course Queensland Rail (QR) had failed to inform customers of what was going on. The strange things turned out to be constriction of temporary side platforms, so that ageing island platform can be refurbished with a new lift and bridge. So how long does it take to build a temporary platform? A few weeks? No, QR have managed to take over half a year and counting. In fact the construction has been so slow that it has become a discussion point laughing stock of passing Ferny Grove Line commuters.
Newmarket's still incomplete temporary platforms - 3 months ago!
In the mean time in Melbourne, surface tracks on the Frankston Line were closed, a deep cutting dug out, new track, bridges, and sub-surface stations constructed, and trains started running again in just 37 days.
Fast construction in Melbourne
In the Banana state, nothing happens quickly!


  1. It’s a mighty impressive effect. I have seen photos before, during and after the construction of the Bentleigh Station. Of course there are few complaints from the locals. It was about sleepless nights and loss of trade by local business. Hey, short term pain, but long term gains.

  2. I think that it's really sad to be looking at all these so-called improvements to Brisbane and only see where they lack. I mean, it's obviously that they are faulted and broken down and definitely late to the game with the construction and implementation, but I hope to God that it means that there are improvements ahead!


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