Friday, August 26, 2016

PityGlider - BCC getting more farcical

Artists impression of Brisbane City Council
For many years, BrizCommuter has been reporting on the incompetence of Brisbane City Council's (BCC) inefficient and confusing bus network, operated by their subsidiary Brisbane Transport. Things took an even more farcical turn this week when Deputy Mayor Cr Adrian Schrinner threatened to cancel the Maroon CityGlider, bus route, over poor old BCC having to pay $10m for some roadworks ahead of the construction of a casino that will bring in $$$ of rates and trade to Brisbane.

The laughable thing about Cr Adrian Schrinner's dummy spit, is the Maroon CityGlider was an unnecessary political promotional stunt in the first place. So what is wrong with the Maroon CityGlider?

  • It duplicates existing high frequency bus routes including the route 385 (The Gap BUZ) throughout most of it's route. 
  • It uses different stop locations to the route 385, causing confusion to passengers.
  • By duplicating the 385 route through Paddington instead of travelling via Redhill/Waterworks Rd, it leaves the highly populated Redhill/Waterworks Rd without a high frequency bus service. 
  • It was a political stunt ahead of a council election, that ignored any existing network planning, and thus added even more inefficiency to Brisbane's bus network.
  • It follows a bizarre route, and mainly carries air between Wooloongabba and Langlands Park (the Southern terminus). 
  • It doesn't stop at Wooloongabba busway station after events at the Gabba - BrizCommuter has yet to work out how to catch a bus from the Gabba after an event as there are no signs or information! 
Just to make Cr Schrinner look more of a fool, BCC rejected TransLink's bus network review in 2013, leaving Brisbane with it's messy, confusing, and inefficient bus network. Due to BCC's own incompetence in not resolving busway congestion with bus network reform, BCC now want to spend $1.5b+ on the totally unnecessary Brisbane Metro Subway System. Yes, $1.5b, and bit more than the $10m you are having  dummy spit over Cr Schrinner? Brisbane's bus network operations urgently need to be removed by BCC's control, as due to BCC councillors political self interest, Brisbane "The New World City" is looking more like Brisbane "The Farcical Backwater". 

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