Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Early Bird doesn't catch the Springfield Line

Sorry, wrong Springfield! 
Whilst most workers in central Brisbane work somewhere between 8am and 5pm, there are still many workers who have to start much earlier, often around 6am. Examples include hospital staff, security, cleaners, emergency workers, and some construction industry workers. So at what times does the first weekday service from each line reach Central*?

  • Beenleigh - 5:26am
  • Airport - 5:29am
  • Cleveland - 5:43am
  • Doomben - 6:22am
  • Ferny Grove - 5:34am
  • Gold Coast - 5:31am
  • Ipswich - 5:37am
  • Shorncliffe - 5:47am
  • Springfield - 6:22am
  • Sunshine Coast - 6:22am
  • Caboolture - 4:56am (from opening of MBRL)
  • Kippa-Ring - 4:41am (from opening of MBRL)
Passengers on the Springfield, Sunshine Coast, and Doomben Lines are not able to get to work in time for a 6am start by train. The Doomben Line can be excused due to it's low patronage, and the Sunshine Coast due to it's long distance (though Gold Coast commuters can easily get to work for 6am). However, the failure for Queensland Rail (QR) to get Springfield Line commuters to work for 6am is quite disgraceful. In fact Kippa-Ring commuters will get a first train arriving at Central 1 hour 40 minutes earlier than Springfield commuters! Public transport is supposed to provide a public service, but in this case it is forcing commuters into cars and onto the roads. 

Shorncliffe and Cleveland Line commuters would have difficulty getting to work on the opposite side of the CBD by 6am (e.g. Shorncliffe Line users getting to work at Mater, Lady Cilento, or Princess Alexandra Hospitals). Connections onto the half-hourly Airtrain services are also critical for those morning flights, especially with the Airtrain service running only half-hourly until 7am. Poor connections often force Airport users into cars and taxis.  

QR need to give serious consideration to improving the start times of the first weekday morning service on some lines.   

*OK, a few of these may be departure times from Central, but what's a few minutes here and there. 

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