Sunday, February 14, 2016

QR to add oxygen masks on 3-car trains?

BrizCommuter has heard from an unreliable source, that QR may be installing oxygen masks on overcrowded "sardine can" 3-car unit trains on the Ferny Grove, Shorncliffe, and Cleveland Lines. These will allow standing commuters to still be able to breath whilst they are being packed in like sardines.

Commuters are asked to fit their own masks before helping other commuters nearby. There is enough oxygen for passengers to breath on journeys between Central to Mitchelton, Banyo, and Wynnum. Passengers having to stand further are requested to bring their own oxygen supply.

The masks will also automatically deploy to help distressed passengers whenever QR turn an all stations service into an express services which occurs often on the Cleveland Line. BrizCommuter's sources claim that the oxygen masks will not be installed in the Quiet Carriage, due to expected noise complaints for intolerant passengers.

The oxygen masks have recently become available as a major Australian airline has got rid of its safety equipment as part of cost saving measure. The ex-Boeing 737 life rafts may be sold to BCC, to be pulled along behind CityCats to increase capacity.

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  1. I was on a one of these cattle carts between Central and Fortitude Valley. I can honestly say that some form of snorkel or air supply would have been appreciated. I suspect deodorant, showers and personal hygiene products can't be afforded after paying for public transport. There was a baby that had soiled itself and the poor baby's father smelt worse than the soiled nappy.


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