Monday, January 10, 2011

Faremaggedon II

Daylight robbery?
Another 15% fare rise will be inflicted in Brisbane commuters on Monday 17th January, as part of the Queensland Government's attempt to reduce public transport subsidy. Going by the number of comments on a Courier Mail story on Monday 10th January, many commuters are quite angry about the fare rises and Brisbane's second rate public transport system. The comment by Kylie is rather interesting! Here's a recap of why Brisbane commuters are so unhappy...

(Please note that some of the information in these archived blog posts may be outdated).
Compared to Perth and Melbourne, Brisbane has relatively high fares (especially for frequent users), and the most infrequent train service.
After last years fare rise, and TransLink failing to meet it's target of 83,400 extra seats on trains, rail patronage plummeted after many years of strong growth.
Although the Ipswich and Caboolture Lines will see improved timetables in 2011, the Sunshine Coast Line will have slower journey times, and inconvenient CBD arrival and departure times (unless changes are made to the draft timetable).
Enoggera and Gaythorne commuters are paying 50% more than in 2007, for a 42% worse evening peak service.
Despite a 20-40% fare rise in 2010 thanks to the withdrawal of the weekly ticket, place kilometres only increased by 5.6%. So public transport improvements are falling way behind the fare increases.
The withdrawal of the paper daily ticket in 2011 will increase fares for frequent users such as students and tourists by between 42 to 48% if 4 journeys are made in one day.
Half baked rail infrastructure projects that will ultimately cost the tax-payer more, and restrict service improvements. 

Route 66 extension to RBWH occurred 7 months after the opening of the busway to RBWH. Then TransLink create the route 88 which is debatably required. Issues with multiple CBD bus stop locations for buses heading in the same direction. 

Is the go card the mifare classic with known security flaws? Still waiting for an answer - there is a comments box TransLink! 

Brisbane has train services with peak gaps exceeding TransLink's already poor 20 minute service guideline, and inferior off-peak frequencies compared to other cities of similar population. 

...and don't get BrizCommuter started on Airtrain!

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  1. Thanks for a great blog. Too many Brisbanites just accept our joke of a public transport system. It's expensive, unreliable, counter-productive and dated. With this next fair rise, it's going to cost me approximately $110 per month to travel 2 zones, less than 10 km to and from work - that's $1320 per year. But that's not the worst of it however, here are the other planned rises: in 2012, 20% fare rise = $1464, in 2013 another 20% = $1757, 2014 ANOTHER 20% = $2110. By 2014, fares have doubled in 5 years. How is that justifiable?

    This last 15% rise was the final nail in the coffin for my use of public transport. I just bought a bike and have started commuting. So have three other people at my work. A lot of other people I know have started riding too, it's just not worth catching public transport anymore. People aren't stupid. If they know they are being taken for a ride (no pun intended) they will get off.

    And how can Cambpell Newman call this a "Green City" when all he does is deter people from using public transport and build $5billion worth of tunnels? Brisbane needs to look outside of their bubble if they want to keep moving forward and invest in the future.


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