Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Get kicked on Route 66

As many of BrizCommuter's readers are aware, the Inner Northern Busway has suffered from overcrowding for much of its history, mainly in the reverse peak direction (outbound from CBD am, inbound to CBD pm). When QUT Kelvin Grove (KG) is in term time, the 66 runs at 5 minute peak frequencies on top of the erratic 333 Buz, and less frequent 330, and 340. This combination only just manages to solve the overcrowding at times, however passengers who are not able to board a full bus at QUT KG tend to only have to wait a minute or so for the next bus.

However, out of university term time, it can be a different story. The route 66 peak frequency is halved to every 10 minutes. Unfortunately, as QUT KG still has courses, summer schools, school children, and events outside of university term time, there can be huge numbers of passengers still travelling to/from QUT KG busway station. The half frequency of the 66 just cannot cope! This week, BrizCommuter has had multiple reports of passengers travelling from Roma Street to RCH/RBWH unable to board multiple buses at Roma Street. One of these passengers had to wait 30 minutes before they could fit on a bus! Last night 25/01/11 BrizCommuter observed 2 buses arriving at QUT KG simultaneously, filling up to capacity, and still leaving another 2 bus loads of passengers waiting.

Given that many of these passengers are foreigners, it shows Brisbane in bad light. It should also be remembered that many of these passengers are lining TransLink's pockets by buying overpriced paper tickets. BrizCommuter recommends that the route 66 be kept at full peak frequency year round to avoid this overcrowding.

Update 01/02/2011

The situation is just as bad this week. Yesterday BrizCommuter observed a bus which filled up at RCH Herston leaving behind around 30 passengers, and then could not pick up passengers at QUT KG. Today, BrizCommuter observed a 66 bypassing RCH Herston (meaning that it had filled to capacity at the RBWH - the first stop!). The following 333 then filled up to capacity at QUT KG, leaving behind more than 40 passengers.

This situation is an absolute disgrace TransLink!

Update 04/02/2011

BrizCommuter braved the Inner Northern Busway on the way into work this morning, and was passed by multiple full buses trying to get from Normanby to RBWH. An increasingly upset school child was trying to get to Chermside from Normanby at the same time, and could not get on any passing 330/333/340 to his destination as they were all full. One of BrizCommuter's work colleagues was also passed by 5 consecutive full buses at Roma Street whilst trying to get to RCH Herston.

Maybe instead of TransLink's slogan being "Making travel easy" it should be "Making travel hell"?


  1. This is what happens when you ask a bus to do the job of a train. The busways are very good, if you need a bus level of service. Sadly some of the corridors they service have long since reached the point where a rail level of service is required.

    This is perhaps not surprising when you consider that back in the 1950s & 1960s the tram lines to Mt Gravatt, Carina and Chermside all carried very frequent tram service indeed. I consider these long vanished tram lines to be the forerunners of the South East, Eastern and Northern busways respectively. If they had survived like Melbourne did, I am sure they would today be carrying modern low floor multiple unit light rail services.

  2. The problem is not lack of theoretical capacity on the Inner Northern Busway (it could handle more than double the number of buses), it is the lack of services being provided.

    Halving the number of 66's out of university semester, when the demand has not halved, is a plain stupid move by TransLink.


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