Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ferny Grove Upgrade - Now Half Baked!

Old and new at Ferny Grove 
Just when it looked like we were going to get a rail infrastructure project in Queensland that is not half-baked, QR,  SEQIPRAIL, et al have proved us wrong yet again. The new Ferny Grove station (part of the belated Keperra to Ferny Grove duplication) was planned to be future proofed, with three platforms. The latest plans here show that this has been reduced back down to two (the same as at present).

So what are the advantages of three platforms? Well given that QR seem to prefer at least 8 minutes to reverse a train (other suburban rail operators can manage it in 2 minutes), then only having two platforms limits the Ferny Grove Line to 11tph unless QR speed up their terminus operations. Whilst even gaps between trains are ideal, three platforms allow for the operation of uneven service gaps which could help scheduling on the rest of the QR network where infrastructure constraints will unfortunately be around for many years (such as the Cleveland Line). Three platforms also help when services are delayed - Ferny Grove commuters will better have to get used to their trains waiting outside of Ferny Grove for an empty platform!

The location of the station building behind the "buffers" is potentially dangerous in case of an overrun. This new construction would not be allowed in the UK, and given QR's safety obsession this decision seems a bit odd.

The Inner City Rail Capacity Study - Rail Operations Review showed that Ferny Grove would require 3 platforms in 2018. This is only 6 years after the planned opening of the rebuilt Ferny Grove. Oh dear - the Ferny Grove Upgrade joins the growing list of half-baked rail infrastructure projects in SE Queensland.


  1. We all know Brisbane is a stupid place that does things stupidly. Why is this a surprise?

  2. I have been trying to find out what the current plans are for the upgrade. The only map I can see - based on the chosen Vision 1 - bares no resemblance for what is being built. I understood that the bus interchange and the related traffic would enter and exit from Samford Road but evidently it is now still in Conavalla Street. A large amt of space is now given over to the drop off and the bus interchange. Where exactly are the new parking spaces going to be? Very confused!


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