Monday, July 10, 2017

CG2018 Transport Management Plan - Brushing #RailFail under the carpet?

The Queensland Government recently published the Transport Management Plan for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. BrizCommuter was hoping this would address the following concerns about Heavy Rail Public Transport:
  • The train frequencies expected both to/from the Gold Coast during the Games? Note: previous claims of bi-directional 8tph service are pretty much impossible without slowing down trains.
  • How the extra Gold Coast Line services will manage due to #RailFail's ongoing lack of drivers?
  • How the extra Gold Coast Line services will manage due to delays to New Generation Rollingstock (NGR) trains?
  • The extend of train service reductions across the rest of Queensland Rail's (QR) CityTrain network due to the extra Gold Coast Line services. 
So how much of these rather important points were in the GC2018 Transport Management Plan? Nil, nothing, nada. Despite road based transport being given its own chapter, Heavy Rail has been given a single page, which is completely lacking in detail, and fails to mention the issues with lack of drivers and train. It seems that the Palaszczuk Government, and Minister for Education and Minister for Tourism, Major Events and the Commonwealth Games Kate Jones seem to be continuing to brush Rail Fail under the carpet hoping no-one will notice.

With there being minimal public transport legacy from the 2018 Commonwealth Games, and transport mainly based around park and ride, it looks like Queensland will be holding the least sustainable Commonwealth Games in terms of transport policy for decades. Expect the M1 to be chaos! 

The GC2018 Transport Management Plan is downloadable from here:


  1. if you closed off every line bar the gold coast line, how many trains per hour do you think you could do?

    1. Signalling would allow for roughly 15tph, terminus capacity around 12tph. However, it is not realistic that other lines can be closed. Thus the Gold Coast Line has to share paths with Beenleigh Line trains between Beenleigh and CBD, and Cleveland Line trains between Park Rd and the CBD. Thus the Gold Coast Line can only run up to 8tph in one direction (when it can overtake Beenleigh Line trains on the third track). In the opposite direction, it is limited to 2tph express services, unless additional Gold Coast services run slowly behind Beenleigh Line trains and/or the slow Beenleigh Line trains are extended to Gold Coast. So realistically the opposite direction could also run 8tph but with approximately 20 minute slower journey times.

  2. Another topic perhaps. Another one bites the dust:


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