Thursday, February 2, 2017

QLD - The State of Fail

Further bad news for SE Queensland and Brisbane commuters today. It has been reported in the Courier Mail that:

 "The Federal Government has warned that Cross River Rail does not properly integrate with the rest of Brisbane’s transport network, in a blow to the Palaszczuk State Government’s top-priority project. Urban Infrastructure Minister Paul Fletcher has insisted that “more work” is required on plans for the $5.5 billion inner-Brisbane rail link to ­ensure a better long-term solution for commuters."

Unfortunately, this just stinks of ongoing tit-for-tat politics that is making Brisbane look even more backwards compared to other developed cities. Cross River Rail Mk3 (CRR), has interchanges at Roma Street, Park Rd/Boggo Rd, and Wooloongabba for connections with busways and bus services. It connects with other train lines at Park Rd, and Roma Street. Track interfaces at each end, could however be better, but this doesn't seem to be the reason for this decision. BrizCommuter is somewhat confused as to how the Federal Government could come to this conclusion about integration, unless the LNP Federal Government are purposefully trying to stall CRR yet again?

It should be remembered that the LNP Newman State Government's flawed BaT tunnel plan missed out the crucial interchange at Park Rd/Boggo Rd. Would the LNP Federal Government have accepted that? Also, the ludicrous Brisbane Metro, a thought bubble of the LNP Brisbane City Council, is simply a case of turning part of the busway into a low capacity metro, forcing tens of thousands of passengers to have to change to travel into the CBD. Is that integrated enough for the LNP Federal Government? So what is the LNP Federal Government's agenda? It certainly isn't trying to improve travel for Brisbane commuters, not is it trying to make Brisbane a more attractive place for business to move to, or expand. Brisbane is only set to fall further down the list of "most liveable city" rankings.

Embarrassingly for Brisbane and SE Queensland, is that rival cities - Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland all have new rail tunnels under construction. Auckland is recently managed bus network reform with minimal fuss.

Other recent failures related to Brisbane's public transport, as a result of political stupidity from both sides of politics are - with responsible political party denoted:
  • Insufficient previous generation trains for Queensland Rail - ALP
  • Insufficient drivers for Queensland Rail causing "Rail Fail" - LNP and ALP (LNP mainly)
  • Massive delays to the New Generation Rollingstock program - LNP and ALP 
  • Not enough New Generation Rollingstock ordered - LNP and ALP
  • Delays to Redcliffe Peninsula Line due to signalling "issues" - LNP
  • Ludicrous Brisbane Metro plan - LNP
  • Failure of bus network reform - LNP
  • Ongoing delays to Cross River Rail - LNP and ALP
  • "Last minute" extension of Gold Coast Light Rail - LNP
With no competent politicians on the horizon, it seems that Brisbane is well and truly screwed when it comes to face the transport challenges of the 21st century. 


  1. I think Barnaby Joyce's recent comments on this subject were quite instructive about what the Coalition Government thinks of the Qld ALP Government and its CRR.

    Why should we support CRR when they can not even their current train system properly?

    It is a very fair question from the Feds point of view. If the State Government can not even run their current train services properly, they can not expect a warm reception when going to the Feds to ask for more money for a large project.

    And just to be clear- I am a big supporter of CRR, but with the current fiasco going on, it is no wonder the feds are saying no way.

    1. Have to agree. Though Barnaby Joyce maybe needs reminding that the LNP Newman government is largely behind the current Rail Fail mess.

  2. I think you need to be a little clearer on the "responsible political party denoted". For instance, the last minute extension of Gold Coast Light Rail, which selected the least preferred route (according all reports up to that point), was also the fault of Gold Coast City Council and Federal Government (Liberal).

    The same is true for the delays to CRR, some of the blame must also go to National Governments (?? both Lib and ALP ??).

    Again, the same is true for the Brisbane City Council and Brisbane bus routes.

  3. Sadly in relation to your last point, the "incorrect" Gold Coast Light Rail project is so last minute that even the official websites show the logical, and broadly accepted Stage 2 development plan, that got skipped for the "quick fix" "middle-of-nowhere" route taken.


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