Thursday, December 8, 2016

Yet Another QR Meltdown

Queensland Rail's (QR) reputation went from bad to worse on Thursday 8th December 2016. A broken down ageing EMU train at Trinder Park, a maintenance "accident" at Yeerongpilly, and a power failure near South Bank caused chaos for the morning peak, with delays and cancellations on most train lines. The delays continued well into the afternoon, as QR's operations took hours to recover from delays. Delays to hospital clinics are surgery were reported due to so many staff being late to work. Whilst all rail networks have bad days, the following can be learnt from this meltdown:

  • QR's lack of drivers reduced system resilience and the ability to recover from delays.
  • QR's lack of trains reduced system resilience and the ability to recover from delays. 
  • The lack of Cross River Rail (which was originally intended to open in 2016) reduces system resilience - Cross River Rail would add 50% more tracks through the CBD. 
  • QR and TransLink's information provided to customers during delays continues to be appalling. 
  • The delay in New Generation Rollingstock means the geriatric EMU trains are remaining in service. 
The policy failure of successive state and federal governments from both sides of politics has resulted in Brisbane having a train network that can meltdown to chaos far too easily. You can tell when the current state government is in political trouble, as a rare (for Brisbane) refund for morning train commuters was announced in during the afternoon.

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  1. Like the NGRs will actually be any more reliable than the EMUs though lol


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