Sunday, October 2, 2016

50 QR Services Disappear into Black Hole

SE Queensland's train network went into meltdown (again) on Friday 30th September 2016, as more than 50 train services were cancelled by Queensland Rail (QR) in the afternoon, evening, and late at night. Gaps between train services of more than an hour were experienced. Information provided to commuters was somewhere between poor to non-existent. In less backward cities such as London, an online apology, and posters at stations would have been written explaining the circumstances. All Brisbane commuters get is a mention of "operational issues" on Facebook and Twitter (which the majority of commuters don't use for public transport information anyway). It seems that even the Transport Minister didnt know what is going on (above image). There are many questions that need to be out to QR:
  • Was there a chronic lack of train crew?
  • Or had too many train crew taken a sicky for Grand Final long weekend?
  • Why are commuters not being properly informed of the reason behind the cancellations?
  • Will QR be able to cope with the extra train services added next week when the Redcliffe Sardine Peninsula Line opens?
Given that next week will see a new train line open, and some 6-car train services chopped in half,  this situation is very concerning. 

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  1. Apparently they don't have the staff and always want existing staff to work overtime. God knows how they're going to staff the new line.


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