Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Trouts Road - Trains not Lanes!

Purveyors of congestion, the RACQ, have recently been pushing to build a road along the North Western Transportation Corridor. This is also known as the Trouts Road corridor, and runs through Brisbane's Northern Suburbs. Here is a list of reasons why this corridor must have a train line constructed instead of a new road:

  1. Building a road would not solve road congestion. If this corridor was constructed as a road, then there is nowhere for the traffic to go once it reaches Everton Park and Alderley other than already congested arterial roads e.g. Samford Road (pictured), Enoggera Road, Stafford Road, and Wardell St. If built as a road, the North Western Transport corridor would just be a peak period car park due to the above bottlenecks, and make existing roads even more congested.
  2. A Trouts Rd train line connecting linking Cross River Rail and the existing Caboolture Line around Strathpine would allow for a huge increase in trains running from the Sunshine Coast Caboolture, and Kippa-Ring Lines to Brisbane. This is due to train services being able to be diverted away from the existing Caboolture Line via Northgate which has an almost full track capacity. 
  3. A Trouts Rd train line would improve public transport to Northern suburbs including Everton Park, Stafford Heights, McDowell, Chermside West, and Bridgeman Downs.  These all currently have very poor public transport. A train line would almost definitely have a more positive effect on property prices in these areas compared to building yet another road. 
  4. A Trouts Rd train line would significantly reduce journey times from Caboolture and the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane's CBD. 
  5. A train line running 24 train per hour, and 500 passengers per train would carry 300% more passengers than a 4 lane (2 per direction) highway. 

Samford Road - 800m queue from next traffic lights! 
Building a train line along the Trouts Road corridor would have transport benefits for the suburbs it runs through, as well as improving train services to the Sunshine Coast, Caboolture area, and Redcliffe. Building a road along the Trouts Road corridor would add create yet more road congestion, and also continue to restrict capacity on many train lines (adding even more cars to the Bruce Highway). With only space for the equivalent of 4 traffic lanes, there is only one sensible decision for this corridor, and that is building a new train line to connect Cross River Rail and the existing Caboolture Line. 

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