Friday, March 4, 2016

What is going on at Newmarket?

Ferny Grove Line commuters may have recently noticed some strange looking construction footers appearing at Newmarket. The works can be seen in the photo below.

So what is going on? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Spanish Solution style station - platforms on both sides of the track to allow the station to handle 50,000 passengers per hour, whilst maintaining short dwell times (as per photo below)?
Somewhere in Spain
2. Queensland Rail (QR) are building an architecturally impressive station to rival great termini such as London Paddington, or New York's Grand Central? (Oyster Bar optional)
Somewhere in London
 3. QR are building temporary side platforms whilst the existing island platform is closed for rather belated disability access construction?
Somewhere in-between Wilston and Alderley
Well, option 1 is unlikely, unless patronage has grown by a zillion% since QR last bothered to published their load survey. Option 2 is also unlikely, as most new Queensland stations have the same boring design. Also, there is limited demand at Newmarket for an Oyster Bar. Thus it looks like option 3 is on the money. Given how advanced the construction is, it would be great if QR could get around to telling commuters who use Newmarket what is actually going on!


  1. Thanks for the info (and you are right -you are the only place offering an answer!). I was hoping it was for a new platform and slip line allowing through trains to pass, and thus the Mitchelton express to be reintroduced! Ah well maybe one day...

  2. paav - Express services on the Ferny Grove Line are pointless as the line is only 16km long. Each express service means less train services for those not served by the expresses, which a very bad thing. Since the expresses were eliminated in Jan 2014, the patronage of the Ferny Grove Line has increased by more than 10%, even with the 3-car train issue.

  3. You're right, option 3 certainly seems most likely given your options - but this still doesn't make sense! The structures being built look rather permanent (and expensive) AND the Centre platform is accessible from stairs on the other end of the platform from the supposed construction... so temporary platform doesn't seem necessary!?
    Agree with your closing comment wholeheartedly. WTF is going on QR?

  4. The latest project update from QR said they're putting up temp platforms to then move passenger service to while they upgrade the accessibility to the island platform & build a new footbridge & lift


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