Thursday, February 13, 2014

Name the Brisbane Underground Bus and Train tunnel

The Queensland Government has launched a competition to name what is currently known as the Brisbane Underground Bus and Train Project (AKA Brisbane Underground). If you want to enter, the link is below:

The rules are below:

"To ensure your entry is valid your name will need to meet the following guidelines. It should be:

  • simple, and explains the purpose of the infrastructure
  • no more than 5 words
  • no acronyms
  • pronounceable
  • non-offensive
  • original and not too similar to an dxi
  • sting name
  • non-commercial (names of a commercial nature are not allowed)
  • supported by an explanation of why this name should be chosen (100 words or less).

Submissions close 12.00pm, Sunday 23 February 2014."

The rules unfortunately rule out most of BrizCommuter's suggestions. Oh well, with a little help from a thesaurus, here are some names for the tunnel that won't win the competition:
I need a name!

  • Funding Black Hole
  • The Bikie Gun Barrel
  • Newman's Tube of Power
  • The Hicksville Hole
  • TransLink's Burrow of Mediocrity
  • Sir Joh Bjelke Petersen Tunnel - actually that could win with Campbell in charge
Just in case anyone needs some sensible ideas, here are some recent or upcoming rail tunnel names from around the world:
  • CrossRail (London)
  • Meteor "M√ČTro Est-Ouest Rapide" (Paris)
  • Fukutoshin Line "Secondary City Centre"  (Toyko)
  • Downtown Line (Singapore)
  • Citybanan (Stockholm)
  • City Tunnel (Liepzig) 
  • Jubilee Line (London)
  • Second Avenue Subway (NYC)
The lucky winner will win a go card with $3000 of credit, which given the current fares should last about 2 peak journeys. 


  1. How about the "Park Road Abyss"?

  2. Brisbane Underground Transit Tunnel. The B.U.T.T.

  3. Double Decker Dog (With apologies to Kevin Bloody Wilson).

  4. BAT= (B)uild (A)nother (T)unnel

    But how can The Newman Government actually build this, when they cannot even getting the simple naming of this and other bridges right?

    As acronyms were not allowed and yet they allowed a acronym.

    Another example, the Brisbane Band are The GoBetweens and not The Bridge name of The Gobetween.


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