Friday, February 7, 2014

Another accident waiting to happen

The potentially dangerous junction at Normanby
As many BrizCommuter readers will know, BrizCommuter predicted the Cleveland station train vs toilet crash as an "accident waiting to happen". Now BrizCommuter highlights another accident that is waiting to happen.

Many bus routes including the 325, P343, 345, 357, and 390 enter and exit the Inner Northern Busway at Normanby. To access the busway from Kelvin Grove Road, the buses have to cross a busy off-ramp (slip road) coming off the Inner City Bypass. Buses exiting the busway have to turn onto the off-ramp, crossing both lanes of traffic. With this intersection being un-signalled, and the speed of cars coming up the off-ramp from the Inner City Bypass, this is a bus vs car accident just waiting to happen. BrizCommuter has already seen a few near misses, and cars regularly have to brake to allow the buses to cross in front of them. A car vs bus accident in the peak period, when many passengers are standing could result in multiple injured passengers.

So what can be done. Given that grade separating the junction would be very expensive, maybe a signalled intersection is required and/or lower speed limits on the off-ramp? Lets hope something is done before there is an accident.

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