Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ekka-va improvement!

After the Ekka train ticket fiasco in 2011 caused by TransLink's flawed ticketing options, there is some very good news for those travelling to and from the Ekka this year. The new LNP government have released a special return Ekka train ticket which costs $6 for adults, and $3 for children and concession card holders. This is same price for any length of train journey, and considerably cheaper than even a 2 zone paper ticket. This special ticket is great value for money for those who rarely use public transport and do not have a go card - i.e. passengers who tend to only use public transport to get to the Ekka, RiverFire, and the Broncos. BrizCommuter welcomes this common sense move. However, passengers intending on using this ticket have to be aware that there are two catches:

  1. You will need to buy the ticket from a bus, ferry, or train station ticket office - but most station ticket offices are closed on weekends. 
  2. You will need to have a pre-purchased Ekka ticket to buy the special return Ekka ticket. 
For next year, BrizCommuter recommends that the price is upped slightly and a free go card is included to try and introduce more occasional ticket users to the joys (sic) of the go card. 

Previously, go card users who are too lazy to walk from Bowen Hills/Fortitude Valley were charged an extra $1.30 fare to get to Exhibition station. This surcharge has also been dropped, with no extra fares (on top of the usual extortionate fares) to get to Exhibition station. A very welcome move by the new Transport Minister! 

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