Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tale of Two Cities

Sydney CityRail - more advanced timetable info
Recently in Sydney, a new timetable was announced for late 2013, more than a years notice of changes. The changes are detailed in this Sydney Morning Herald article. BrizCommuter has taken a look at the difference between public information over Sydney CityRail's 2013 timetable, and Queensland Rail (QR) / TransLink's belated stage 2 (phase 2) timetables.

Sydney CityRail late 2013 timetable
  • More than 1 year notice of changes in government press release.
  • Considerable information on service changes, reasons behind service changes, who will be conveniences, and who will be inconvenienced. 
QR / TransLink stage 2 timetable
  • One liner on TransLink's website about late 2011 introduction. Didn't happen.
  • Reply from complaint to TransLink stated early 2012 introduction. Didn't happen.
  • TransLink 2012 Network Plan stated introduction in 2011/12 financial year. Didn't happen.
  • Schedulers couldn't provide any useful information about the timetable at 2 recent QR CRG meetings. 
  • Queries to both TransLink and the new Transport Minister about the introduction date have had no reply. 
The stage 2 (AKA phase 2) timetable is not the only public transport issue that remains a state secret in Queensland. The QR passenger load survey went missing in action when patronage declined due to huge fare rises - how convenient. Full bus figures are not released in the quarterly TransLink Tracker.  More recently, will the general public get to read the "expert panel" report which suggested a half-baked version of Cross River Rail? BrizCommuter was hoping for more openness and accountability under the new LNP government, but so far this doesn't seem to be the case. 


  1. She'll be right mate here in Queensland. I'm sure that they're doing their best.

    No! It's a disgrace.

  2. Ozbob + HappyTrainGuy "We want a 15 min timetable!"

    Obese mother of four from Petrie "if ya don't like it, ya can get out"


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