Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Suburb severed by QR

Not one, but two bridges closed!
Source image: Google Maps
It has been reported in this Quest News article that Queensland Rail (QR) have closed the wooden Alderley Avenue bridge to vehicles on June 21st for urgent safety checks. Unfortunately for locals in Alderley, the nearby (and also wooden) Frederick Street bridge was also closed to vehicles in September last year. QR's lack of maintenance, likely due to lack of government funding. The two bridge closures has effectively severed the suburb of Alderley into two disconnected parts. The alternative road access is now via the often congested level crossings at Newmarket and South Pine Road. An Alderley resident who has spoken to BrizCommuter has serious concerns over increases in traffic on previously quiet suburban streets, and stated that "it is only a matter of time before a child is run over". There are also concerns that with the LNPs current cost cutting exercise, that these bridges may not be replaced for the foreseeable future.

This is also not an isolated incident of SE Queensland's rail network. The Rosewood Line had to be closed last month due to urgent structural checks by Ipswich City Council on Challinor Street Bridge. It was also reported recently in this Courier Mail article that many sets of track points, and over 100km of track are in a potentially dangerous state due to lack of maintenance.  BrizCommuter is very concerned that in a supposedly developing country, we have crumbling "third-world" railway infrastructure.

QR, and Queensland politicians may want to read about what happens when railways are not properly maintained:

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  1. With no right turn into Farrington Street Monday to Friday, 4-7pm and Local Traffic Only access at all other times, this closure only forces more traffic onto the already heavily congested Raymont Road. The traffic lights at the Raymont Road intersection were supposed to cut traffic time, but all it has done for local residents is add to the increasing problem we have getting in and out of our properties. During peak hours, it can be a real gamble trying to get in and out of Royal Parade. Often the line of traffic is so long that access to the Alderley Train Station side of Royal Parade is completely blocked forcing residents to wait several sets of light changes, or gambling with their lives as they race in front of traffic to get out of the street. It will only be a matter of time before there is a fatal accident at the Newmarket Train Station Rail Crossing. I have seen so many cars stuck ON the train lines because a driver has left indicating their intention to turn right into Murrel Street until the last moment. If it is a large vehiche, there is no room to move around it due to the boom gates, no room to reverse as Wilston Road is congested. It is only a matter of time before a fatal accident occurs. I wonder who the politicians will blame when it happens?


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