Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Phase 2 train timetables - still missing in action!

As many BrizCommuter readers will be aware, the implementation of the phase 2 train timetables is turning into a rather long running and unfunny joke. Ipswich, Richlands, Caboolture, and Sunshine Coast Lines received new phase 1 timetables in June 2011, approximately 6 months after the consultation process began. TransLink stated on their own website that the phase 2 timetables for the Ferny Grove, Shorncliffe, Doomben, Cleveland, Beenleigh, and Gold Coast Lines would be implemented in late 2011. Queensland Rail conducted a rather lame consultation process in late 2011 that provided no draft timetables or any idea when the new timetables would be available for draft consultation or implementation. In fact no details were provided about the new timetables (such as am peak capacity across the Merivale Bridge). Now that the election is over (with added 15 minute daytime off-peak on the Ferny Grove promises), and the Ferny Grove duplication is open, the lack of information on the introduction of the new timetables is turning into a farce.

Two of BrizCommuter's sources have contacted TransLink to ask when the phase 2 timetables will be available in draft and for implementation. Both have received no response. This lack of information and secrecy is quite disgraceful, especially compared to most other suburban rail networks that announce timetable changes far in advance of implementation.

With less than 2 months until the end of this financial year, it is looking increasingly unlikely that we will be seeing the phase 2 timetables this financial year despite being in TransLink's 2011/12 network plan (June 2012 was also mentioned as implementation date by QLD's ex premier in the election campaign). In the unlikely event that this date in made, the consultation process will be so short that it would only be lip service. BrizCommuter is also concerned that there may also be insufficient trains to provide an optimal phase 2 peak timetable. We may see quite a few services operated by 3-car trains resulting in overcrowding, or even service gaps until more trains are delivered in 2014/15.

SE Queensland commuters using the affected train lines are becoming increasingly frustrated with mediocre existing timetables (i.e. 23 minute peak service gaps), fare rises after fare rises, and lack of service improvements. Can anyone from the Queensland Government, QR, or TransLink answer the question - when will be see the new phase 2 train timetables?

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