Sunday, April 8, 2012

If you catch the 07:06am from Ferny Grove... may want to turn up a few minutes earlier from Tuesday 10th April. Unfortunately, TransLink have failed to inform train commuters of this apparent service change.

As of the 8th April, according to Queensland Rail's .pdf timetables and TransLink's journey planner, the 07:06am train from Ferny Grove will still depart at 07:06am, also departing Mitchelton at 07:15am, and arriving at Central at 07:32am. TransLink's "Ferny Grove train line changes" has no mention of any service changes for this service.

However, the new connecting bus timetables disagree. The new route 367 bus timetable shows this train service departing two minutes earlier from Ferny Grove at 07:04am. The new route 396 timetable shows this train service departing from Mitchelton two minutes earlier at 07:13am. Both of these timetables also show the train service arriving at Central two minutes earlier at 07:30am.

7:04am departure from Ferny Grove
7:13am departure from Mitchelton
So which timetable is correct? If the bus timetables are incorrect, then TransLink really need to do a bit more proof reading of their timetables. If the bus timetables are correct, and TransLink have failed to inform commuters about their train running earlier than previously, then this is yet another example of incompetence from TransLink.

This train service running two minutes earlier may not seem to be a big deal, and at least this service change may increase reliability of the following train services. However, BrizCommuter who regularly uses this train service (which is the busiest am peak service on the Ferny Grove Line) estimates that at least 10% of passengers arrive within 2 minutes of this train's scheduled departure time. BrizCommuter himself has often still been topping up his go card as the train approaches. Due to TransLink's lack of information, an estimated 80 passengers could miss this train service on Tuesday morning. For passengers between Ferny Grove and Oxford Park, missing this train service would mean arriving at Central 15 minutes later than planned.

BrizCommuter will bring you an update on Tuesday 10th April as to whether the 07:06am from Ferny Grove really was the 07:04am from Ferny Grove.

Update 10/04/2012

The Ferny Grove duplication opened on the morning of 10/04/2012. Unfortunately, this significant infrastructure project opening was marred by TransLink's incompetence. For starters, as expected there were no significant timetable changes, and still no information on when there will be. Then there was a minor timetable change (the 07:06am from Ferny Grove being changed to 07:04am) which TransLink failed to communicate to train users. Luckily for those not in the know, the train was running 3 minutes late by Enoggera anyway, so very few passengers should have missed the train. New timetables were issued to commuters at Ferny Grove, but other stations on the line had no copies. The .pdf version of the new timetable is still unavailable on TransLink's website. Even the TransLink journey planner does not know about the above service change. Very sloppy TransLink!

Another Update 11/04/2012

Quite a few passengers missed the train at Enoggera this morning as the now earlier 07:04am from Ferny Grove actually ran on time. With no information provided at that station about the service change, and the new .pdf timetable only put online today, many passengers are still unaware of the service change.

Yet Another Update 18/04/2012

One of QR's guards was heard making an announcement about the 07:04am from Ferny Grove service this morning. Well done QR, just 2 weeks too late, and few minutes two late for the passengers who missed the train at Enoggera this morning.


  1. You've jinxed it now, BrizCommuter.
    It'll now be late, or cancelled!

  2. BrizCommuter did jinx it. The train was 3 minutes late at Enoggera. No excuses for missing it then!


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