Thursday, April 26, 2018

QR's Rail Fail - Is the RTBU shooting itself in the foot?

QR - about to be consigned to history?
Things are clearly not going well with the recovery from Queensland Rail's (QR) Rail Fail. After claims in early 2017 that the axed services would be restored (with driver overtime) by early 2019, 2020 is now looking more likely, possibly even 2021. QR, CityTrain Response Unit (CRU), and the ALP Palaszczuk government are all tight lipped on when the full October 2016 timetable will be restored, leaving long suffering commuters in the dark. It is quite clear that the Rail Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) are not helping matters when it comes to service recovery by their opposition to external driver recruitment. Questions that need to be asked to QR, CRU, the Queensland Government, and the RTBU, are:

  • Why was a new EBA (which included internal recruitment) signed off by the QR Board just before the Strachan report into Rail Fail?
  • What else in the EBA will affect Rail Fail recovery? (Hint: drivers break times). 
  • Despite the Strachan inquiry recommending external recruitment, why have no drivers without previous QR experience been trained?
  • Does the RTBU and QR care about the external driver applicants stuck in job limbo? (Some are now in serious financial difficulties)
  • Does the RTBU care about long suffering commuters, and the damage to QLD economy and reputation due to Rail Fail?
  • When will there be a consistent Monday to Friday timetable?
  • When will commuters cease to be inflicted by reduced service holiday timetables, and hourly weekend train services? 
  • When will the full October 2016 timetable be restored?
  • When will urgently required services improvements (such as improved pm peak services and 15 min off-peak on sector 1 lines) occur?
There is growing public resentment towards the ALP Palaszczuk government, QR, and RTBU, due to #RailFail dragging on for years. It is increasingly likely that QR will be rapidly privatised by the LNP when they next gain power. Of course, this was the LNP's original plan, as the seeds of Rail Fail were sown by driver recruitment freezes under the Newman government. It seems that if the RTBU continue to show contempt towards the travelling public, they will be shooting themselves in the foot, as their ALP bedfellows will loose power, and QR will be consigned to history.  


  1. This is all so sad. Public transport is becoming a poor choice to driving. Public transport is becoming a more expensive, slower, more dangerous, more stressful, overcrowded, and now more uncomfortable given the NGR boiler boxes. How can it be half the commute time and cheaper to drive to Brisbane and park for the day than use public transport? At every step of the way it's a sad joke. The displays at Central can't be seen while waiting on the platform from any of the seats. The announcements at the stations are so loud they are both inaudible and in breach of workplace health and safety (which is why staff wear earmuffs). Go-Cards that are being used daily are being "cancelled" at the age of 10 years. KPIs are both shameful and being delivered late on every occasion.

    I don't care how we got here. I don't care why these mistakes have happened or who made them. I just want a public transport system that works.

    1. Sadly, I think we'll be waiting a long time for a half-decent public transport system. There is far more spin than action, no bi-partisan way forward, and abysmal governance. BrizCommuter has already predicted a lack of drivers, trains, and associated infrastructure for Cross River Rail's opening in the mid-2020s.

  2. Whilst unions are in control, nothing will ever get fixed. Never in the history of any country has a Government given unions strong power and then the state has ended up better for it.

    This is a prime example here- the rtbu are only interested in the needs of their current members, everyone can get stuffed, and whilst the Labor Government rolls over to them, we go backwards.

    1. Completely agree. It seems that the RTBU are in control of QR!

    2. Not just QR. The latest dodgy deal was between the RTBU and the Labor Government/Department of Transport and Main Roads.

  3. I would like to put this reply in a separate blog post. I am starting to wonder if the Qld Labor Government and Department of Transport and Main Roads have successfully managed to call the bluff of the ahrc and the disability groups.

    Despite the ngr's being declared illegal, they continue to be used and no action or law suits been filed so far.

    So was this just all hot air (pun intended).


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