Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Advertising Wraps Rapped

Can't see through the window?
Queensland Rail (QR) and Brisbane Transport seem to think it is acceptable to prevent passengers from seeing out of windows, due to covering their trains and buses with advertising wraps. This is annoying a lot commuters who would actually like to see where that are going. The visibility is worse at night and during/after rain when it is almost impossible for commuters with 20/20 vision to see through the windows. Passengers with poor eye-sight have even worse problems seeing through the wraps to the outside world. There have even been multiple reports of passengers missing their stops, as they didn't know where they were. QR train and CityGlider bus passengers are the most upset about their limited visibility.

BrizCommuter calls on SE Queensland's public transport operators to stop covering windows with advertising wraps, and give passengers the basic travelling requirement of being able to see out of the window!


  1. This post is so accurate. This is particularly bad given either no announcements are made or inaudible grunts on station arrival or line name. Some of us joke that a clear, happy, and even joking young voice will be "handled" soon, because they never seem to last long.

    The station arrival notice is blinked up quickly, followed by a very long message with no relevance to the station you are arriving at before quickly blinking up with the station name again. Just show and say the next station! That's all we care about. Not the time, not a thank you for using the service, not any notices about remembering to take our junk with us.

    This is not fair for anyone, especially those with hearing or sight issues.

  2. Having just returned from a holiday to the Gold Coast I can report that the same issue affects their trams.

  3. Of course we need the wrap! otherwise people would notice that almost nobody catches the hourly buses like the 346, 334, 353

  4. Wow, really!?
    So we want to complain that the cost of public transport is too high, but when a reasonable revenue raiser is implemented we complain we can't see out the windows clearly. It isn't the service it is the expectations and attitudes of the customers!

    1. So you don't think that being able to see where you are is important for public transport users? QR have failed miserably in designing trains to allow internal advertising, obviously paying no attention to how other transport systems design their trains. Whilst advertising wraps are a worldwide scourge, they can be a big pain for commuters, especially at night and in rain.


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