Friday, April 1, 2016

April Fools?

Recently re-elected LNP Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk wants to do the following:

  • Replace a busway that can handle at least 12,000 passengers per hour, with the Quirky Metro that can handle only 9,000 passengers per hour (or even less at opening). 
  • Disrupt bus services for 6 years whilst constructing the Quirky Metro.
  • Force passengers to change from bus to metro only a few km from their destination, increasing journey times.  
  • Terminates at an abandoned Children's Hospital. 
  • Force passengers travelling to RBWH to have to change from metro to bus just one stop short. 
  • Quirky Metro will have drivers, even through driverless metros have been around for more than 30 years. 
  • Spend $1.5b of tax and rate payers money for all of the the above. 
  • Doesn't appear to support Cross River Rail (which Brisbane urgently requires, unlike the Quirky Metro.)
  • Isn't interested in improving bus services to public transport black holes such as Centenary Suburbs and Northern Suburbs. 
  • Isn't interested in making Brisbane City Council's bus network more efficient and less confusing. 
  • Is spending $650m on widening a rarely congested road that has just been bypassed by a road toll tunnel. 
Ha, Ha, April Fools....

...It's not an April Fool you say? Oh s**t!!!

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