Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ekka better (but TransLink still defrauding passengers)

Good news for Ekka 2015 

Brisbane City Council (Brisbane Transport) have at long last stopped running bus services to/from the Ekka that compete directly with train services. They have even noticed that RBWH busway station can be used by people visiting the Ekka! After many years of completely useless, wasteful, and air carrying bus services competing with train services, this ridiculous practice has finally stopped. Now can Brisbane City Council sort out the rest of their wasteful, inefficient, and confusing to use bus network?

Bad news for Ekka 2015

TransLink are still defrauding public transport users by charging peak fares on the Wednesday 12th August public holiday, despite running off-peak (weekend) public transport services in Brisbane. Shame on you TransLink!

Redlands public transport users had a weekend bus service (well, that generally means no bus service) on a Monday. Not much use for people in Redlands who work in Brisbane where it wasn't a public holiday. Only in Queensland!

Why can't the go card replicate the $3 one way / $6 return Ekka fare? It is just dumb when a paper ticket is cheaper than using a go card (especially on the "peak fares" Wednesday public holiday). Also, it is a bit difficult to purchase the paper Ekka tickets from closed station ticket offices on weekends!

Of course, unlike many other events at RNA showgrounds and various SE Queensland stadiums, why can't RNA just pay for free public transport to and from the Ekka? Given all the development at the showgrounds it is not like the RNA are lacking in money?

Completely non-public transport related - if toilets get demolished as part of the RNA redevelopment, it would be rather nice to add more toilets to replace them. This years Ekka is just one giant toilet queue (if you find one)!

And finally...

There are some new showbags this year:

  • Brisbane City Council bus showbag - 499 different versions, all full of air.
  • Queensland Rail showbag - contains a train set with a 3-car train, and a can of sardines.
  • TransLink showbag - costs $10, and has $2 worth of contents. No refunds!
  • Redlands bus showbag - not available on Mondays. 
  • RNA toilet showbag - useful for deposits when you can't find a toilet at the Ekka. 


  1. "After many years of completely **useful**"
    Did you mean to use a different word?

  2. Yes and why can the BCC finally open the northern bikeway adjacent to the Ekka and then the Ekka people flood one bit with people without care for commuters and block off the other bit for their buses...but still let cars through.

  3. Anonymous - thanks for bringing that to my attention - bloody auto-correct!


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